More of Chocolates and Croatia!

One might not associate Chocolates with Croatia. But I can tell you lots of Croats do love their Chocolates especially Kraš, a Croatian Chocolate company founded in 1911.

Currently I am obsessed with this Milk Chocolate bars filled with Strawberry. Lovely. So I thought to share with you one of all time favourite Chocolates!

Speaking of Chocolates, my mum is not exactly a big fan. But give her one with fruits or strawberry and she is a convert. Yes, she loves this Milk Chocolate with Strawberry too. I'm not kidding you. Usually she hates anything that is too sweet. But I guess it's the delicate blend of strawberry flavour with a slight sourish tang that makes this chocolate a winner in SG and Croatia!

So what's your favourite type of chocolate?


BK said...

Hmm ... I like chocolate. Recently my brother bought back some Chocolate from Norway and I must say that they tasted pretty good ... just a little bit on the sweet side. I do not like Chocolates that are too sweet. Most probably I'll like the one you mentioned. The blend of strawberry flavour with slight sourish sound interesting and yummy to me. :)

Syari said...

People love chocolate here too. In fact people here seem to love sweet food more compared to people back home I think. I love chocolates, but nowadays I just stop eating em much. Getting old I think. LOL

Lotus Flower said...

I like Belgian dark chocolates with some alcohol inside :-)

I also like Ferrero from Spain I think, but was dismayed when my son informed me that some are made in China. ugh! I hope I haven't eaten some with melamine.


Dutchie said...

My hubby loves his choc :
- milk choc bar with raisins n hazelnuts
- Guylain's (lovely seashell shapes)
- 30 flavours in a box of Merci
- Ferrero roche
- easter choc in little egg shapes with cappuccino, praline, crunchy
almond flavours.

Ohh .. the list goes on ;-S !!

SheR. said...

>>BK my dear old friend!
Norwegian Chocolates? Never tried them. Hee.. next time I'll pack a lot of Dorina chocolates for you! ;)

Ooo.. I love Hungarian pastries and food. :P
I don't think it's about getting old. You probably like your life a little sweeter? Or it's the weather.. too cold?

>>Sweet Lotus Flower!
Wow.. very posh. Belgian Chocolates are one of the best in the world. Some say Swiss. Well. I prefer the dark ones. :P

Your husband's list looks like ma fiance's. Never ending!!!