Red and processed meats link to Colorectal Cancer

All right you heard me. Watch your diet. Here's the article link.

Don't look at me.. I'm not a fan of either. Those hot dogs may look extremely tempting on a cold winter night after clubbing but I know the amount of Salmonella, salt, fats.. and anything that adds up to choke my arteries.. no way!!!

In my family, there is almost a total absence of Red meat diet (hm.. that includes duck meat right?). I'm referring to Beef (and related products), Lamb, Mutton and the sorts. My mother and me can't stand the taste of any of them so we do not cook it at all. Amazing?

Recently, my Sister-in-law is advised to start eating more red meat during her pregnancy. So my Brother will bring her out for Steak dinners. Yeah.. leave it to the professionals to cook the meat. We will not take up the challenge. The only time I tried cooking beef at home (of course I cook it in the restaurant where I worked), it wasn't such a pleasant experience. So my fiance told me to stop doing it. Yipee! :)

Now with this piece of news about the link with cancer.. I have another excuse not to tough Red Meat! :P


C K said...

Thanks for the link. I am a huge fan of red meat... especially pork (and minced pork). Is turkey considered a red meat too? If so, add that to the list as well.

I was just having a mini steamboat the other day and ate nothing but red meat. Tried to console myself by dumping some tomatoes in the broth but... :)

Will go on a chicken diet for this week. Cheers!

EastCoastLife said...

I'm keeping away from red meat too. getting old. hehe...

I'm back, from my trip. Thanks for your concern. I'm fine.

SheR. said...

Hey I was checking out the actual classification of the meats on Wiki. Red Meats are used to refer to "mammal meat". This term is only useful in nutritional terminology. Actual Redness refer to the amount of "Red bloodness" ..Myoglobin.

Poultry is not usually classified as Red.

Here's the link if anyone's interested.


Welcome back. Yeah take good care. Red meats do have some good nutritional value but they contain lots of Saturated Fats too!!