Sushi anyone?

I confess I'm not big fan of Sushi. Yeah.. I'm one of those weirdos who hate the taste of the vinegared rice. Just not my type. Not to mention the rawness of the fish on top. :P I guess fans of Japanese food will skip my site from now on. Hey.. wait a minute. I have nothing against Japanese food. And I think it is one of the greatest cuisines ever alive. The amount of dedication each Japanese (food) chef puts into his food deserves utmost respect!

I have a Korean friend living in London who works as a Sushi Chef. She had to train 3 years in the restaurant before she is allowed to slice the fish. That is how important the Japanese regard the skills of Sushi and Sashimi making!

Nowadays, we see many Sushi restaurants all over every major cities all over the world. And due to the lack of knowledge about Asian cuisines, most restaurants (in the US) that sell Chinese food have Sushi as well (even though they hate each other).

And how hard it is indeed to convince people that not Asians know how to make Sushi. Oh yeah.. their knowledge of Sushi making is only limited to that of a Bamboo mat and Seaweed. If you are one of those people, then you are wrong. Sushi making is a skill, extreme dedication to this artform and require years of training. So there you have it peeps another story telling post from Ur Resident Chef (who knows nothing about Sushi making)!


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hello Sher,

I for one like sushi. As a matter of fact, I can consume any Asian dish, as long as it's edible:-)

You're right about those Asian Restaurants that offer Asian cuisine and mix everything up. A place where sushi does not taste like sushi, where kimchee tastes differently from the original, and Chinese food is served with ketchup.

There is also that notion that all Asians know how to cook Asian dishes, regardless of race - you're right on target here. It's funny, but they still think Asia is a small continent. They have probably abandoned geography in school. :-) --Durano, done!

My Bug Life said...

I love sushi...esp salmon sashimi. I don't eat salmon any other way except raw in sushi style...yum :)

SheR. said...

>>Durano dear friend.
Oo... I'm not as brave as you when it comes to food. I steer away from those innards...except livers (poultry).

I won't know how Sushi should taste like. I don't like it! :P I hate Kimchee too!. Oh yes.. sweet and sour dish is a must in every Asian restaurant! Amazing!!!

Hey.. you are not the only one wondering why most of the world population is geographically challenged. Just ask them which is the largest continent. You'll be shocked...

SheR. said...

>>Hey Shutter Buggie!
Salmon.. mmm.. only in its cooked form. No Sashimi please...

C K said...

Sushi is surprisingly difficult to make. I mean, to the uninitiated, it does seem like a roll of rice with some stuff on the top.

Back home, I often go to those conveyor belt sushi counters whenever there's a craving. Can't do that here in London as they are much more expensive over here - once I start shoveling sushi into my mouth, I can't really stop. lol

Hey, maybe I should get your Korean pal's name. Will I get a discount if I mention your name? :p

SheR. said...

Don't even think about it... Hahah..My mate's working at Yo! Sushi. Don't know which branch she is working at now. Lost touch with her.. too busy.

G-lato said...

Hey! I love Japanese food and I still visit your site! :) You are totally right about it being "an art form". I think that is the case for all cuisines. Food is first meant to be enjoyed visually in my opinion.

SheR. said...

I love Food. And I love to taste them and admire them before sending them to the dungeon of la bouche. :P