Tart Cherries - new Superfruit!

The new study shows that the cholesterol levels Cherry-fed rats in the lab reduced by 11%.

This research further demonstrates that Cherries could potentially lower the risk of heart diseases.

Want to know more? Read the article!

If you ask me what I think about this, I would tell you I really am not too bothered anymore. There's recently so many studies that promoted various fruits to "SuperFruit" -dom. Thus, this only help those merchants increase the prices of their products. Look at the example of Pistachio. The farmers couldn't wait for a conclusive study to prove the health benefits of the nut!

I reckon as in many health guidelines, we should consume at least FIVE portions of fruits and vegetables a day and not be too concerned if they are Superfruits, Super vegetables, etc. And don't let those merchants reap more profits from this!

Cherry Tart anyone?


Dutchie said...

2 pieces of fruit n 200 grams of veg a day is the credo n still a national campaign is in place every year to encourage the nation to eat healthy. We did wonder if this was yet another PR to boost the sale of fruits.

Back in Sg, my mom buys abt $10 a day of fresh fruits. Here, it's a cup of coffee after a meal instead.

Yes, I do read too many contradicting reports on health foods in the media. Best to use our own common sense n eat a balance diet instead.

Cherry season here is 1 short month in summer n it cost E 1,99 per 150 grams ! I love cherries bec it's such a sweet treat ! The dutch has a cherry tart made of bread dough (called vlaai). All kinds of fruits r used for a colourful jellied layer in this open top snack.

SheR. said...

Hello Dutchie! Busy dropping comments hur? :) Please do!!

Wow.. you have such specific nutritional guidelines? I wish what they meant by 5 a day? 5 grapes? :P

Yeah I miss all the different varieties of fresh fruits in SG! Over here, I'll stick to my Mandarin Oranges!

This year, our Cherry trees did not produce any fruits! Past few years, they had so much cherries that they had to leave some hanging on the trees!

Do teach me how to make some nice Dutch Cherry Tart! :D

Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

In a way I think you're right.
I believe ALL fruits/berries are superhealthy and superfruits.


SheR. said...

Hello Leo.
Thanks for supporting my stand.
Yes, moderation is the key to healthy lifestyle as well!

Dutchie said...

Oh Sher !!! Ur very own cherry tree - I envy u lah !! If u hv too much leftover cherries, u could put them in the freezer (just sprinkle sugar, layer for layer so the fruit will remain sweet) n enjoy it when it's out of season.

Ok, the cherry tart - try google image under "kersenvlaai" - it's made of butter yeast dough. Do u hv a warm place to let the dough rise ? I hv that trouble, plus this kind of dough is tricky bec the yeast doesnt tolerate fats in them. Recipe will follow if it's no problem for u to tackle this kind of dough, ok ?

Also hv a look at this link with authentic dutch cookies/cakes - http://prietepraat.web-log.nl/prietpraat/cookies_from_holland. The recipes r translated into english n easy to follow :-) This should be a nice treat for ur weekend in the meantime ! I'm making kattentongen (cat's tongues) this saturday as a weekend treat for ourselves !

SheR. said...

Those two cherry trees do not belong to me alone.. it's in the family garden. We'll see how the harvest is for next year then! Even the persimmons were miserable this year!

Butter Yeast dough?? Sounds interesting.. tell you what.. give me the recipe and I will see how it works! ;)

Thanks for the link!! I will be exploring Dutch recipes! :D Cat's tongue sounds like Langue du Chat .. a traditional French biscuit??

Dutchie said...

Ok Sher, here's the recipe :

For the fillings :
1 kg cherries, stones removed/100 -160 gram sugar/8 gram potato flour/handful bread crumbs

1)Soften fruits lightly in 2 dl of warm water on the stove. Omit this step if fruits r ripe n soft.
2) Sieve the fruits. Save 2dl of the water n add the potato flour. Stir until it's a smooth mixture. Pour it over the fruits.
3)Sprinkle the bread crumbs over the dough. Spread the fruits evenly over the flan n sprinkle the sugar over them.
4)For a nice touch, u could make cross strips over the flan but it's optional.
5) Bake the flan in 200 deg C for 20mins.

For the dough :
250 gram flour/15 gram yeast/1 egg/75 gram butter/25gram sugar/0.5 dl milk/salt

1)Put flour, butter, sugar, egg n salt in a bowl.
2)Warm up the milk n dissolve the yeast in it.
3)Pour the yeast milk into the flour mixture n knead until the dough is smooth. Put it in a warm place n let it rise to twice the size.
4)Dust ur rolling pin n table. Knead the dough n roll it out over the greased baking tray (26 cm round), leaving an elevation along the sides.
5)Prick holes at the bottom with a fork. Let is rise once more n then it's ready for the fillings.

Hope it works :-D

SheR. said...

Thanks Dutchie!!! I'll try it out!