A Tribute to My Aunt - Lim Siok Hiang

Left to Right: My Aunt, Me and my Mum.

The wonder pineapple tart maker. The perfectionist. The support that saw me through the realization of my dreams. She had passed away last Monday at TTSH at 11:12pm (SG time).

For her, nothing was too tough. She fought her cancer 13 years ago and won the battle. We saw her through the painful stages of chemotherapy. She was a survivor. These 13 years, she had lived with the complications of her cancer. But she lived on. She shone her guidance light into the lives of those around her. She worked in KFC after her recovery. Never complaining of how hard it was. She carried on for her two beautiful daughters - Lucy and Peisi.

For me, she was my pillar of support during those darker times. She told me time and again to ignore those foolish comments about my decision to give up my degree for a baker's job. Her constant seek of perfection in her Pineapple Tarts that no one can surpassed. Every single one of her 5,000 tarts that she made each year must be perfectly shaped. She had chose me to continue her Ah Hiang Pineapple Tarts. For trust and faith in me that no one else believe I could, I thank her.

One day, Ah Hiang Pineapple Tarts will be famous. My aunt's legend lives on in our hearts. We will always remember how strong she was. We love your Ah Yi!


curiousfoodie said...

Huggies :) I'm sure she's so proud that it is you that is continuing her legacy.


Syari said...

Sher, my condolences to you and family. By your description, your aunt must be a wonderful person.

peisi said...

thanks leng,

that was really sweet. all the best in ur pineapple tart journey. always welcome to let me know if i can help since i am the "qc inspector". :)

SheR. said...

>>Amsie dear.
Thanks for the encouragement. I'm trying my best! :)

>>Syari sayang!
Thanks. My aunt is a Perfect person! It was hard to live up to her expectations at times. But we all know her kind intentions. It is only with this passion to perfect everything she did that she will be well remembered by everyone!

SheR. said...

>>Peisi cousin!
Hugs hugs!
You are always welcomed to "sample" online before you see the actual product :P
Do you have any pictures of Ah Yi's pineapple tarts? Must have prototype!

Dutchie said...

Sher, my hubby only has 1 younger bro n so he was overwhelmed when he met my mom, 2 sisters n 9 nieces bec the women-folk r by definition very nuturing n caring. He told me it must be heaven to live in my family :-D I didnt noticed it until I was away n back for visits in Sg - these ladies would do anything to make our stay pleasant n it is indeed heavenly compared to our lives in NL where people prefers to keep to themselves n their privacy.

Such a blessing to hv an Ah Yi like the one u had. My mom's 4 sisters didnt make it out of China, so I never did meet them. Still I'm blessed with a great mom n caring sisters.

SheR. said...

Wow Dutchie you are so lucky!
I love to have so many people in the family. Me and my cousins are very close since young. Whenever something happened in the family (house moving), we will all chip in. I have plenty of cousins who we call by ranks. Eldest Sister, Second Brother, etc.

I do miss them loads when I'm overseas. But I'm glad I have the modern technology to save my homesickness!

Yes, my Ah Yi is monumental! :)

Lotus Flower said...

I am sorry to hear this sad news Sher. My condolences.

I am quite sure she was quite a personality by the way you fondly described her.

SheR. said...

Thanks Lotus FLower.
My Aunt was quite a legend! :)