The advancement of Technology

Clear instructions on how to open your pack of Chocolate.

Nope. I'm not talking about internet technology or space science. I'm telling you about some little pieces of advancement and improvement that occur around us without us noticing them. What do we have today? Of course, this is food related. It has something to do with Food packaging.

The other evening, I sat down and was going to rip open another pack of chocolate when I noticed the nice picture on the back of the packaging featured above. (No need to know which brand it is even though it's pretty obvious..) Yes, when the whole world has been busy focusing on the advancement of some other sciences, the people at the food industry has secretly introduced newer ways of packaging one of everyone's favourite food.. Chocolate.

What amazed me was the ease of opening the pack. No longer would I have to rip open layers of paper and foil before I get to eat my precious. I recalled the representative at Bourneville telling us about the history of Cadbury's. He told us that it was required by law to have a layer of foil to wrap the chocolates before wrapping it with any paper packaging. (You didn't know that do you?!) Oh..I wish packaging gets easier. I could suggest lots of changes to food packaging.. the first on my mind would be Yoghurt cups!


BK said...

I guess I didn't like chocolate as much as you; I didn't know the brand of the chocolate you were about to open. I certainly notice some changes in the packaging in the food industry. One of the changes I notice is in the packaging for peanuts.

Remember last time there is this little teeth like at the top of the package and we will just open the package from there?

If we can't finish the whole package, we have to find a rubber band to tie it up in the hope to keep the freshness of the peanuts. But now they have changed the package to a zip-lock bag form; no more rubber band, just zip it up.

And I didn't know it was required by law to have a layer of foil to wrap the chocolates before wrapping it with any paper packaging.

SheR. said...

Hi Bk.
Thanks for pointing that out. I did notice a number of food items with that Ziploc technology too.
I used to be amazed with Japanese food packaging. They usually have their customers in mind when designing it and most of them are just excellent. Ah.. how many of us can do that?

C K said...

Nice one. As far as possible, I always try to open mine with a pair of scissors. Don't ask me why, it's a pet peeve.

Then again, I'm not exactly a fan of chocolates.

Any idea on why the law comes about in the first place?

SheR. said...

No idea my dear. Just like the law with bottles. I think there is a law governing sparkling water. The bottles have to be Green. Not too sure about it.

Why don't you write in to ask the Bourneville peeps?

uncommon said...


Woss wrong wiv Yoghourt pots?


SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate.

I hate having to open one of those stupid Yoghurt pots.. especially on the plane.. it's just messy!!!