Beer + Ice Cream????

Yes you heard me! THE BEER FLOAT!!! Do not confuse this with the kid's stuff of Root Beer Float with absolute no alcohol content. This is the one for the true lovers of both Beer and Ice Cream. For those with alcohol allergies, look away now!

A good friend of mine was bugging me months ago with come up with the concoction, knowing that I love both the members of this lab mix. But I was really skeptical as Beer is not exactly sweet and when combined with a sweet counterpart might bring out the bitterness of the Alcoholic drink. But I was proven wrong when I got a buzz in my inbox today.. with this post.. In Search of the Ultimate Beer Float! Read this post and drool over the pictures my dear beer lovers.

So that brings me to conclude what really makes this dessert aka shake work:
  • Chocolate flavoured beers.. yeah I think it does help if you already have a good foundation for a dessert!

  • Stouts, black beers, Guiness.. guess what? This is a nice beer to start off your Beer Float adventure. As it reminds you of the innocent version.. Root Beer Float.. rings a bell?

  • Ales, Lagers.. yes! My personal favourite for beers! It has a stronger malty flavour. And I think this would be a winner for Beer Float. I tend to skip Stouts due to the stronger bitterness...

  • Vanilla Ice creams.. mmmm... doesn't this just make you forget that it's Winter in this part of the world? This flavour ice cream is plain enough to go with anything really.

  • And oh.. don't forget the Chocolate in your float. Sinful eh? Let's make it more than ever!
Anyone for seconds?


curiousfoodie said...

Wow this is the first for me! haha...You adventurous croatians! :)

SheR. said...

Erm.. Amsie.
Read the post. It's a link from an American blog in SF.... :P