Čevapcici time!!!

What on earth is this?? This will be our dinner tonight. For some reason, I love these little meaty stuff even though I'm not a meat lover. Some say it contains a mixture of pork and beef, some say lamb. Whatever it is, I'm not too bothered about what goes in there because they are simply too delicious.

Not that we in Croatia know too much about how to make these Čevapcici. These are Bosnian specialty and no matter how hard the Croats try, they can never replicate the recipe.

Let me describe a little about these little meat.. erm.. rolls. They are a mixture of minced meat together with secret herbs and spices. They are then grilled. Yeap.. only grilling them can release the flavours of these rolls without making them too tough to chew. One can eat them with Lepinja which resembles Ciabatta in texture. The condiments to accompany these little rolls include Ajvar (which is a puree of Paprika/Peppers/Capsicums and some other stuff but not spicy at all) and chopped raw onions. We are going to order a huge plate of Pommes Frites/Fries/Chips to go with it. Simply wonderful if you have a few bottles of beer to go with it too.

In this restaurant that we frequent (which is right behind the Sports Centar in Kantrida, Rijeka), they do make other Grilled Meats too.. beef, pork or chicken but we love these Čevapcici which is only 23kn (1 EUR to 7.15HRK). We're going right now! Wish us Dobar Tek!


Lotus Flower said...

Uniquely Croatian, I must be sure it's delightful to gnaw on these rolls.

Hi Sher. Cheers!

SheR. said...

Hi Lotus Flower!
How's the weather over there?

Nono.. cevapcici is a Bosnian dish. Yeah.. Banja Luka to be exact. Just that the Croats do love to eat them as well.

BK said...

Hmm Sher, one look at it, it reminds me of the Go Hiang we have here in Singapore. Does it taste anything like that? I'm not really a meat lover and I don't take beef, but this does look good to me. * slurp slurp :)

Syari said...

Here the Hungarians love their "Szalami". :) I don't eat that though. LOL

wonder whether they export szalami to Croatia? Saw some Hungarian salamis at cold storage in S'pore some years ago.

Lotus Flower said...

Weather over this part of the world is mostly cloudy these days. Tail of the cold front bring drizzles and cold during early mornings.

Something for the cold weather, this dish?

It's cold there right now, yah?


C K said...

Dobar Tek! What's that by the way.

Cevapcici certainly looks like sausages to me but I bet they taste much better. I'm a simple guy, give me a hotdog in a bun with lots of mustard and I'm good to go.... not exactly a chef material, am I?

Do cevapcici come frozen in packs?

EastCoastLife said...

A plate of ten!? Can finish all? I don't particularly like sausages.

uncommon said...


Some sausages can be really good, with the mixture of spices, and the maker not putting a whole lot of toot in them. I'd like to taste those, if you like 'em, they must be pretty decent.

The weather here in London is VILE, wet, cold and I haven't seen the sun since I arrived!


uncommon said...


I understand you are unwell.

Get well soon, avoid men:)


ladyironchef said...

look like sausages but not sausages? haha

SheR. said...

Nope. Ngoh Hiang is a mixture of meat and yam. For this case, only meat.

Yeah..it's a really sinful treat. That kept me off meat for a long time!

Croatians are mad about Hungarian pickled paprika. I'm not too sure about Szalami because Croats will find a way to make any Salami the Croatian way. They insist Croatian Prsut is the best in the world :P

SheR. said...

>> Hey Lotus Flower.
This dish is good all year round!! Hee...

SheR. said...

>>Oi CK!
I believe those Čevapčići do come in frozen packs in some supermarkets but there's no need for us to purchase that since there are plenty available for purchase fresh everyday!

They are not sausages CK. They are not stuffed into a skin of any sort.

SheR. said...

Hm... If you are a fan of BBQ and spices, you might actually fall in love with this like we do!

>>Brendan mate!
Thanks. I've fully recovered after a long trip to the south! =)

You should bring your wifey to try these čevapčići out if you ever pop by Croatia or Bosnia!

As I said, sausages are stuffed meat. So these are more like plain meat rolls! =)