Need a Chocolate Fix before Christmas?

Yes! I've got mine from Sveti Nikola (Saint Nicholas)! Last night was the night when most Croatian children have been longing for the whole year. Because when they woke up this morning, they will find their boot stuffed with candies.

Well.. over in our home, none of us are children anymore but we still keep this tradition. Last evening, each member of the family had dutifully placed their boot/shoe/slipper at the kitchen window. Then in the middle of the night, each of us will take turns to sneak into the kitchen and distribute the goodies by stuffing each of the footwear with lots of chocolates. As you can see from my picture, I'll probably need a bigger shoe for next year... mine was overflowing with chocolates and cash too!!

So you've missed out? Nevermind, you always have next year. Just remember to be good and Sveti Nikola will drop those lovely chocolates in your boot!


EastCoastLife said...

Why don't use new stocking!?
Got cash somemore. :)

SheR. said...

It's a tradition to use our own Boot. Not stockings like those American movies. Beats me..:P

Syari said...

Got some Chocolate from my father in law on Szent Miklos day yesterday.

They don't use stockings too, not even boots. We put some chocolates and toys for Bonnie near her bed. She woke up and said Santa Claus would come and deliver a parcel that day. We told her that he already sent and it's by the foot of the bed. She wasn't excited to see the chocolates though. LOL She doesn't like chocolates much.

SheR. said...

Hello Syari!
Seems like we have similar tradition to give presents or chocolates before Christmas?

Wow.. you must have save lots of money on chocolates then? Hee..

Syari said...

Sher, I think we have the same santa claus day. :) On the sixth of December.

We have a big chocolate monster at home.So no luck in saving money on chocolates. LOL.

SheR. said...

>>Syari sayang...
I love chocolates too! But I don't eat a lot. Just love to savour them bit by bit.

Lotus Flower said...

What a heartwarming and 'sweet tradition':-)

Ooohhh this reminds me to post about those Godiva chocolates I received as a gift from my stepson's fiancee.

SheR. said...

Hey Lotus Flower.
Good to see you here!
Oh.. Godiva. I couldn't resist not stepping into any of those Chocolate boutiques each time I passed by.. ah.. sinful!!!

uncommon said...


How is a man supposed to remain pure in the face of all this temptation?


SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate!!! Hugs hugs!
Where have you been????

I don't think anyone can remain pure in this festive season... :P

The evils of Chocolates.. I've sinned.