Seasonal delight - Chestnut Cake

Chestnut cake is an absolute delight in Autumn. In almost every Slasticarna in Croatia, one can get Chestnut cake in any form (roulade, squares or even in an ice cream cup..Kesten Pire!). It's a real wonderful treat for us. Though in my opinion, the Croatian chestnuts are not as sweet as the Chinese counterparts. The flavour being less intensive and goes really well with cream. It can fill you up real quickly too. Do give it a try next time you pop by any cake shops in winter!


Syari said...

That looks yummy Sher. :P Will be eating cake soon. My daughter's birthday coming up. :P Going to check whether the shop we usually get our cakes from has Chestnut cakes.

DineometerDeb said...

That looks absolutely ridiculously good!

SheR. said...

I'm not sure if Chestnuts are still in season for the confectioners but if you can find one. Grab it. It's wonderful at this time of the year only!!!

Tell me about it. We were literally feasting on Chestnut cakes for a few weeks in a row!