Why are we throwing them away?

Wonky vegetables? Did you know that cucumbers that do not conform to the EU curvature standards are not allowed on the shelves. There is currently a 100-page regulation for shape, size and texture of all fruits are vegetables sold in EU. That means all fruits and vegetables must be "perfect" in order to be able to make their way on supermarket shelves in EU whereas the less attractive counterparts are left to rot in the fields or discarded. Why are we wasting such good food which are still edible so that we can conform to such perfectionist standards?

Thank goodness with effect from 1st July 2009, people living in the EU can get wonky cucumbers and knobby potatoes. The 100-page document has been thrown out of the European Commission's window. Hopefully we will see less food wastage in the world from now on.

Here is the article link concerning the above news if you are interested to find out more.

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