12 Foods to eat everyday!

Goulash anyone?

I was reading this article with interest. After going through the whole list, I have to admit I do not eat half of them daily. Do you?

So how do we encourage the consumption of these foods on a daily basis? For me, I think it is best if we can combine one or more of each item into a dish that we can consume in our daily meals.

And here's my take:

Yoghurt + Berries
-That's easy isn't it? You can usually get Yoghurt mixed with strawberries or forest fruits. If you are worried about the actual sugar content of mixed yoghurt, you can opt for Plain ones and simply add a berry of your choice. Yummy. What's more, you can add some cereal in it too!

Oats + Bran
- Multigrain bread or Wholewheat bread do contain lots of wholesome Oats and Bran. Lightly toast them to release the wonderful aroma of caramelised grains! Mmmm... Skip the Jam or Butter if you are on a diet!

- Soybean milk! Great alternative for lactose-intolerant individuals. In Singapore, our mums love to bring home a pack of warm Soybean Milk after the morning market shopping for our breakfasts! Lovely way to start a day!

Tomatoes + Carrots
- Easiest way is to cook them in pasta sauces. For me, I do the occasional Goulash or our weekly menu now includes the must-have of Minestrone Soup!

Spinach + Olive Oil
- Salad is the way to go. The fresh spinach can be consumed in its freshest form! Drizzle the equally healthy Olive Oil. Toss in a handful of nuts if you are feeling nutty!

Bananas + Walnut
- The Banana and Walnut Cake is a favourite of mine. I know the carbohydrates will be shooting through the roof. But just a little teatime treat is a nice way to reward yourself for being good. Sinful? Make your own cake by cutting the White Sugar with Molasses or non-refined Sugar. Honey does help to add to the flavour. But remember it is also a form of sugar. Use sweeter bananas if you want to make a sweet cake without using to much refined sugar. Read this article to learn more about the 6 most popular types of bananas!

- And Rice makes a good sumptous dinner. Not a personal favourite. However, there's always alternative for beans that comes in the form of Miso (which makes a lovely Soup!) or Tofu (made from ground Soybeans). I would not encourage the consumption of Soya Sauce as it contains high levels of Sodium (look out for those that have reduced Sodium content)!

- Best way to end off a meal with lots of Citrus especially in the cold dry winter.

Here's the article link if you wish to know what each of the foods contain.

So now, we can all go and treat ourselves to some good food on a daily basis! Do feel free to add on to the above menu list! May everyone eat and be healthy!


My Bug Life said...

Great list of food to include in one's menu. I like spinach, soy milk and yoghurt..and I try to have oats once in awhile for breakfast.

SheR. said...

>>Hey Shutter Bug.
Our bodies will thank us for the lovely foods we put in them too! :)

EastCoastLife said...

Oops! I eat none of these daily. Die lah! How?

SheR. said...

>>ECL ah..
Must watch your diet! In SG, the level of stress and pollution can cause a lot of tissue damage. High Blood pressure is really common. So must take care HOR!

DineometerDeb said...

Why are cupcakes not on the list? ; )

The soup looks good. I want the recipe.

SheR. said...

I wish I can put Chocolates on the list too!! :P

Hm.. the soup in the picture is Hungarian Goulash! Authentic..from a restaurant in Budapest! Ha.. I wish I have the recipe. I know they use a Beef stock together with loads of Hungarian Paprika. Yes, Hungarian version makes a huge difference!!!