An angel or a snowball?

This has got to be my favourite chocolate of all time. I'm usually not a big fan of White Chocolate but this wonderful Italian chocolate from the wonderful makers of Nutella (Ferrero!!!) sure tickles my fancy. They have named it Confetteria Raffaello which is the Italian name of an archangel.

Do not be mistaken.. I'm not doing any commercials for them. I'm just sharing some confections that might inspire you in your next chocolate truffle creation. As the Ferrero site describes this confection as "A whole almond in a delicious milk cream, enclosed in a crisp shell covered in coconut flakes."

This chocolate has inspired Croatian confectioners to come up with a delicious cake that borrowed its name. But whether it is a chocolate or a cake, it looks lovely like a snowball waiting to be discovered.

Speaking of coconut, I really miss the use of fresh shredded coconut in confections. In most countries due to health and safety reasons, the coconut to be used for confectionery is only available as dried coconut flakes treated with a type of sulphate.

However, the lack of freshness does compromise the taste of the coconut in most confections. In Singapore, our Kuehs (that's how we call our cakes/desserts) are usually coated with the fresh shredded coconut that has a sweet taste (maybe due to the presence of coconut oil, I guess) and wonderful aroma.

In addition, in most Southeast Asian confections, Coconut is the most beloved ingredient. I recalled tasting a Philipino bread that has caramelised shredded coconut enrobed in a soft sweet bun. You couldn't describe the satisfaction of eating one of these buns straight from the oven!

Do you have a similar love for anything coconut? Share your favourite coconut dishes!


DineometerDeb said...

I like a well made macaroon. Coconut is ok but Nutella I could live on!

SheR. said...

Hm.. Of course we all love our Nutella! No qualms about that! ;)

C K said...

Coconut's my favorite, not the fruit itself though. Eh, nasi lemak is cooked using coconut milk. The same goes for laksa. Not to mention a whole array of Malay kuehs!


EastCoastLife said...

I don't particularly like coconut but it is an important ingredient in some Singaporean recipes.

My hubby loves anything coconut. Its also a gambling charm.

In Hokkien dialect, ya means win. haha...

SheR. said...

>>CK. Welcome back.
Yes.. we love those food don't we? mmmm...

I think I'm just missing SG food a lot. Hee.