Croatian Food Names

No I'm not starting a new section introducing you to Croatian language 101. This post is about Croatian names.. yeap.. names for Croatians. What is it doing on a Food Blog or has anything to do with Food you ask? Well.. you'll be amazed.

It struck me the other day how many Croatians love to name their children using Food... or Fruits to be exact. Remember for English names we have Apple being most common Food name for baby girls. In Croatia, they have the equivalent of Jabuka (Yah-Boo-Kah). After asking around a few Croatians, I discovered more Croatian food names.

The list is right here, do help me out if you know of more:

Višnja- Cherry

Dunja- Quince (yes! Quince!)

Limenka- Lemon

Jagoda- Strawberry

Hm... sounds really yummy and cute? Imagine if we have it in Singapore.. naming our children after famous Singapore fruits... Durian Tan, Rambutan Chua, Mangosteen Lee. I think no parents would want to commit such heinous crimes!

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EastCoastLife said...

I wasn't thinking of fruits when I wanted to name my son Rambo. I wanted him to be strong, fearless and brave like Rambo. Then my husband reminded me, his surname is Tan. hahaha.....

I can't imagine calling my son Lemon or my daughter Strawberry. hehe....