First post of the year!

Hi hi everyone and welcome back!

Yes, I was idling the past few weeks and neglecting my blogging duties. Hee hee hee.. but don't lose your sleep over not being able to read any new posts on my blog as I am back! Hm.. kind of.

Here's some stuff I have in mind, I will continue the few sections that I did last year: Food News, Recipes and Cooking Tips. One section - Chef's Garden has to be put on hold as my plants are not exactly surviving well into the winter. My lemongrass has gone into hibernation! I will plant a new batch in spring and continue with some tips I found on the web!

I will include a section dedicated to Croatia where I call my home for the past year. I will put up pictures and some recipes that I found regarding Croatian desserts. And I do appreciate it if anyone who is familiar with it to help me out!

That's pretty much all. Hope to hear more comments from you *my precious* readers and into the new year we go!!


Ivan Chew said...

Hello SheR! It was a nice surprise to receive your comment. A Singapore. In Rijeka! I alerted my Croatian librarian friend and she left a comment, with an offer to show you her library. Cheers!

SheR. said...

>>Hiya Ivan!
Got it! Thanks! :)