Flapjacks - great oat snacks!

Chocolate coated Flapjacks!!

Did I tell you I have cravings for all the english desserts for the longest time? Yeah those sinful sticky toffee puddings, sweet Bakewell tarts and not forgetting the "innocent" Flapjacks! So I decided to do something with a pack of my leftover oat cereal last week. And how wonderful it is to indulge in a little nostalgia...

I do have recipes for making Flapjacks but trust me after baking it twice, you don't really need one anymore. Just throw in whatever you want. Yeap! That's the beauty of Flapjacks.

Before I give you the recipe to make these (supposedly) innocent oat snacks, here's a little history about them. Apparently, Flapjack refers to different things across the Atlantic Ocean. In UK, we affectionately call those tray-baked treats (termed by Wikipedia) which consist mainly of Oats mixed with some sort of fats (usually melted Butter), Sugar and Golden Syrup.

On the other side of the Ocean in US, a thin and chewy Pancake of large diameter (30cm) is termed the Flapjack. So if you are searching for Flapjacks recipe online, be sure what you are looking for or you might be making two entirely different desserts!

To confuse things further in Australia, these oat snacks are known as Muesli Bars. Although I think Muesli Bars have only one consistency in texture. That is chewy and sticky. And the addition of raisins, dried apricots and other types of wheat cereals are encouraged. The British (not sure of the actual origin) Flapjacks, on the other hand, can be Chewy or Crispy!! I recall those days working in the bakery. Whenever a batch of Flapjacks was baked for the weekend Farmer's Market, the irresistable aroma of caramelised oats with butter was enough to make me crave an extra portion of Flapjacks!

Finally we arrive at the end of this post.. I have a link to the Flapjack recipe that I have adopted for mine the first time round. It also has notes included that illustrates what the Golden Syrup that is favoured in the making Flapjacks is all about. So have fun baking them. You can coat them with Chocolate (my leftover Christmas chocolates) to create a heavenly dessert!


uncommon said...


You bad girl, I adore flapjacks and if offered a pack, will eat the lot.

Oh dear, now I have to go and have a cold bath to try and make me forget the thought of mushy, chewy chocolate flapjacks of SIN!


My Bug Life said...

I know flapjacks as pancakes...but didn't know they mean something else in another part of the world.

I take oats for breakfast sometimes..but am not a huge fan though.

SheR. said...

>> Brendan mate.
Now now.. it's not my fault if you couldn't resist the temptation of a chewy and delicious FLAPJACK! Mmmmm...

>>Shutter Bug!
I love oats! I can munch through a boy of oats with no problem. Just don't cook them in porridge!
Oh.. Oats are sooooo healthy too!

Syari said...

Have you ever heard of 'kuih batik' ?

SheR. said...

>>Hey Syari.
Nope never heard of it. Just googled it and I was surprised to learn about it. It's interesting. Quite like Flapjacks but made with Marie biscuits. Oh I love Marie Biscuits!!!

Syari said...

We have something like marie biscuits here. But the name's Albert instead of Marie. LOL

SheR. said...

Albert biscuits? Doesn't sound yummy to me...:P