Kohlrabi - Cabbage Turnip

Ever seen this vegetable in your market? This cute grenade-like vegetable which reminds me of Charlie Brown's head is really interesting to look at. I found it sitting on a little corner in the vegetable section. It's a shame that with some of the most nutritious vegetables on sale in Croatian supermarkets, the locals have not explored beyond their Blitva (Swiss Chard) and Krumpiri (Potatoes).

Exploring the vegetable aisle has always been a favourite activity of mine. Nah.. I don't really fancy shopping for clothes, I rather spend my entire afternoon in a supermarket discovering new foodstuff. Serious problem hur?

How did I make my discovery? It was by sheer luck while googling for Cabbages. I was curious (as always) to know how many different types of cabbages there are and I saw the picture of this "turnip". Yeah. This turnip-like vegetable is related to the Brussel Sprouts.. they only differ in size. They both originate from the Cabbage family. According to Wikipedia, this vegetable tastes similar to Broccoli stem or cabbage heart.

Just a little information here before I discuss how to eat this turnip. The name Kohlrabi is derived from German "Kohl" meaning "Cabbage" and "Rabi" meaning "Turnip". In Croatia, I found it under the "Kobarica" label.

This is my first time eating this Turnip, I'm not exactly really adventurous with vegetables. I will not attempt to chew it raw so to be on the safe side, I made chopped it up after peeling off the green "skin" and boil it in my chicken soup. The conclusion? Both Mr K and me fell in love with this vegetable!!! If you take a closer look at the cooked Kohlrabi, it really resemble the turnip (the vein-like structure in the flesh). Beautiful and delicately translucent but not exactly like a cooked turnip. It is really soft and melts in my mouth! The taste reminds me pretty much of a cauliflower plus a hint of turnip. Of course, it hasn't forgotten its cabbagey roots too. It has got to be the sweetest addition to a pot of soup. Yummy!!!

I've tried looking for more facts about this underrated Northern European vegetable. Nutritional facts churn out the wonderful benefits of consuming a cup (135g) of raw Kohlrabi. Vitamin C, Dietary Fibre, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Copper and Manganese. Yes, it is a good source of Vitamin C! However, do take note that this vegetable contains a lot of Calories. I told you it's SWEET. For more information about its nutritional value, take a look at this chart.

So there you have it. Try this plant today. I heard it's a really popular plant in Indian cuisine. Perhaps our Indian friends can enlighten us on how to cook this really delicious and nutritious vegetable?


uncommon said...


Kohlrabi, I had that once at a Yoga weekend and didn't figure it for much, they were ascetics and I'm a bit of a lotus eater:)

I looked at the calories and the carbs, (which are more troublesome for me) and its about on a par with Broccoli.

I will give it a go, gurl, sounds ideal for the chicken soup. I will report back, course, finding it here in Atlanta might be some fun.


EastCoastLife said...

Can bring one back when you come back to Singapore? hahaha.... want to try the taste.

SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate.
You should really try this out for the soup. Beautiful vegetable. It's so soft and sweet. Love it!!

You do the calorie count while I will be busy slurping the soup.

Next time. I read that Vietnam produces this Kohlrabi too. It's an Indian favourite. You shouldn't have a hard time looking for this vegetable!

EastCoastLife said...

I'll look for it in Mustafa. :)

SheR. said...

Good luck!