Running out of ..

One of my favourite!

...Pictures for this Blog. I haven't been taking pictures of any food lately. First, I didn't make anything new .. not inspired. Second, the new camera needs a new set of rechargeable batteries.

All right, we've upgraded to a Canon with 7,1 MP recently. Yeah the previous "antique" Nikon camera (2MP!!!) which is the joke of the town with the wedding photographers when I whooped it out has taken a backseat.

I envied those wonderful Food photographs taken at some famous Food Blogs. But all of that came with a hefty price tag... A DSLR camera which will burn a big hole in our pockets! Worth investing? Not at the moment. I guess I can hone my skills with our new Canon then.

Besides upgrading the camera and the skills, I discovered certain functions at the Photoshop.. to make my pictures clearer. I don't have stable hands. Too bad. So "Auto Levels" does help to correct the colour most of the time. Saved the day! Yipee!

What's your take on food photography?


uncommon said...


Those little Canons take some very good pictures, and for those with unsteady hands, the IS can be a very useful addition, however: what you have will get the job done.

For food, you might see if you have a "macro" switch, use that for close ups.

When you take the shot, keep your breathing steady, elbows in to your sides, one foot in front of the other, and press down gently all the way, just as you are exhaling.

That should give you steadier pictures.

You know, your pictures are pretty darn good anyway, what am I going on about?



EastCoastLife said...

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SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate!
You sure know a lot about photography!!

Thanks for your compliments! I'm trying my best to better my Food Photography skills. Maybe it's because I LOVE food? Hahha

Happy New Year to you in advance!

Thanks for not forgetting this lonely SG in foreign land. :P

Sure I'll spread the word!!