Weekend in the Winter

Be warned...this post is not exactly Vegan friendly.

It's the weekend again. And Ur Resident Chef has lost a little of her blogging momentum. Been addicted to certain games on Facebook. My mates can attest to that.

Let's talk a little about the weather lately. According to the Met station, this winter is one of the coldest. Hm.. that's accounts for the chilly temperatures in the evenings. No way am I getting out of the flat without being fully equipped with my winter wear ... that means gloves, hat, scarves, stockings, etc.

What is Croatians' favourite winter food? It has got to be Kiseli Kupus or the German's equivalent of Sauerkraut. See my previous post about it. They have to cook it with Pork chops or sausages. The Sausage (Kobasica) that we get in Croatia is not exactly similar to those in Britain. You have to check the ingredients of the sausages carefully if you do not eat Beef like I do. They do tend to mix Pork and Beef in one type of sausages. The flavours are much stronger than their English counterparts and much tougher.

Besides sausages, Hot Dogs are pretty popular here too. We call them Hrenovke. And it can be made of any type of meat.. from Chicken, Turkey to Pork. Taste and flavours are not much different than Frankfurters or Hot Dogs that you can get in other countries.

When it comes to Salami in Croatia, there is a wide variety and you can get one that suits your palate. Though I have to point out that the Salami is not exactly like those in German which is closer to the Hams here. You can get dried Salami pretty much like the Saucisse Sec in France. There's one Croatian favourite.. the Kulen (Slavonian pride) that is very similar to the Spanish Chorizo but Kulen has beef mixed into it. Not to mention, the Croatians are proud of their Pršut (Proscuitto in Italian) which is actually a dried leg of Ham. These sliced bits of Ham comes at a hefty price due to the long periods of drying this meat.

After all these meaty treats, you can get another European favourite .. Croatian style too. They are the Pate. Yeap, those spreads that are made from livers of chickens or pigs. In Croatia, you will find an entire aisle dedicated to it.

I guess if you are a meat lover, you will really love the Croatian diet. Well, I need to go. Time for Ručak(Lunch)!


EastCoastLife said...

No snow in Croatia?
I'm not a meaty person. Nowadays, drink water also grow fat. haha....

SheR. said...

Hey ECL.
The snow only falls too lightly in my town to form a snowfloor here.

We usually travel to the mountains (about 30 mins drive) for snow. People ski there!

I'm trying to grow fat...