Happy Pancake Day!!!!

Yes you heard me! For those that have never heard of this important day (for the Pancake Lovers), you can read more about it on Wikipedia.

Well... the article states that this festival is known as Shrove Tuesday which precedes the beginning of Lent. I'm not too sure what all these mean but I recalled the heaps of pancakes that we had to make in the restaurant on this particular day. Yeah, even for a posh restaurant like Le Pont de la Tour, Pancakes are served on Pancake Day. No English can miss this important day!

Somewhere else in the world (outside of UK), this Shrove Tuesday is sometimes associated with Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday). And I didn't know that the Mardi Gras carnival has anything to do with Pancakes!

All the religious significance aside, the Pancake has got to be the most underrated cake in the world. Just tell me, how many pastries in the world can you name that only involves Flour, Eggs, Sugar and Water &/or Milk? Does not require any form of mixing on the food processor? And only needs a simple Pan to cook it in minutes? Indeed, the humble Pancake can be found in almost any culture in the guise of many names. And I think most of us can find all the ingredients in our kitchen.

It can be served sweet with jams or Nutella. Or a little different with ham and cheese. My Grandma has her own version too. Simply add dried shrimps or chinese sausage. And voila! The cheapest thing to fill your stomach if you are too lazy to cook!

Here's a recipe from one of my previous post if you should ever need a Pancake recipe to save the day. In the meantime, enjoy the Fat Tuesday!


Mei Teng said...

I love pancakes!

EastCoastLife said...

I like my pancakes with kaya. :)

SheR. said...

>>Mei Teng!
I love food! Hee :P

Send some Kaya over for me ;)

Dutchie said...

Dutch pancakes r served with icing sugar of apple syrup. For dinner, they add bacon strips for a savoury bite. Hubby likes his pancakes made with a handful of dessicated coconut n panfried until they r crispy. Sometimes I alternate it with crushed peanut n sugar (crispy mung-chang-kueh).

My 2nd sis has a similar recipe to ur grandma's !! She adds chopped prawns n chives into the batter. As kids we really enjoyed the sweet plum sauce that comes with it :-))

Oh, I had a phase when I couldnt stay away from fluffy american pancakes with a rich butter-scotch sauce n a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The hotel that serves it was directly opposite Tanglin Mall. It's been demolished years back *sob*.

SheR. said...

>>Dutchie Hi hi!!!
Hm.. I'm not a fan of anything Apple. But I do like the sound of Bacon strips! Ahoy!

Sweet Plum sauce? I prefer mine plain. Yeah chopped prawns and Hei Bee.. mmmm sometimes with Lap Chiong!! But rem not to add eggs in the recipe!!!

You know what? I'm missing Maple Syrup.. ah.... *imagine Homer Simpson with mouth wide open dreaming of food*