Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!!

For everyone passing by this blog today or this week, have a wonderful and lovely day with your loved ones or friends! May love fill your life everyday!

How would you celebrate it? Or are you one of those who refused to fall for the merchants' traps?

For us, we believe that Love fill our lives every single day and we do not need any special day to remind us to cherish each other. Valentine's Day has become too overrated in our humble opinions. Price of Red Roses shot up by a hundred fold. Chocolates are snapped from the shelves in every stores. And those poor men worry weeks before the actual event over what presents to buy and the amount of money that they have to spend... flowers, gifts, chocolates, restaurants, the list goes on. I'm just glad I'm not a man and get to be pampered for a day.

I recall a particular episode in Gordan Ramsay's show when he tried to save a restaurant. One advice he gave that I remembered and will always keep in mind is, "No matter how bad a restaurant is, there are two days in a year that it will be fully booked. Christmas and VALENTINE'S DAY". This goes to show you how important this day is for the restaurateurs. They could probably cover months of their expenses based on this day's earnings?!

So, Ur Resident Chef has made Mr K's favourite Chocolate Truffles(with a slight twist) for his present. I think a handmade gift beats any commercial presents or giftcards ten times over. Don't you think it's great to be able to bake and cook?


ladyironchef said...

happy valentine's! yeah although it's what people call it a "merchant trap", but i still believe in spending to pamper the girl, not that on normal occasions we can't celebrate. all of us need to help to boost the economy :)

Lotus Flower said...

Happy Hearts Day My Friend! I am sure you and your Sweetie will have a Swell Happy Time:-)

Take care always!

DineometerDeb said...

I agree! I prefer giving handmade gifts also, but mine are usualy things that I have knitted.

Your truffles look delish.

SheR. said...

>>Lady Iron Chef.
Haha.. yeah. IT is good to be pampered but I prefer on a daily basis! ;)

>>Lotus Flower.
Hi!!! We did! Ate a lot! Hahah...

I can't knit for nuts. I tried when I was younger but no way. I can embroider tho. :P
Truffles? What truffles?

roentarre said...

Looks like great food there!

EastCoastLife said...

I must learn how to make chocolates from you. Not to give my hubby, for my own consumption. hahaha....

SheR. said...

>>Hi Roentarre!!
Welcome to my Blog! And for liking the food. :)

Hm.. I think you should just buy them off the shelves:P

curiousfoodie said...

Awwwwwww!!! :) Looks soooo awesome oh gosh.

My dear, I've been busy with work and all...hope to blog more and catch up soon!

Need to buy oven by next week, argh! Moving house has gotta be one of the most stressful but yet satisfying thing once its done. ;)


SheR. said...

>>Amsie dear...
You got to relax a little and chill. Take a holiday!!! Come to Europe. :P