Idle idle.. System suspended.


That's how my brain feels like! Yeah.. have not been blogging as I used to (3 posts a day.. not even 1 a day). And I wonder if I should squeeze a post topic out of my puny processor up there or should I stick to writing a good post with information? Well.. I decided to do a little filler post.

Guess I was spending most of my mornings and afternoons drinking coffee somewhere or following Mr K to work. So most of the time I'm caffeine-intoxicated by Coffee or Chocolates.

Yeap for those that do not know this, Chocolates contain Caffeine too. I recall reading it in an article that it is advisable for Pregnant Mums to cut down on their Coffee, Tea and Chocolate consumption. And according to this chart in about.com, Dark Chocolate contains much more Caffeine than the Milk ones. Caffeine exists in the Cocoa seeds, Husk and Leaves. The good news is the fatty Cocoa Butter does not contain any Caffeine.

The other substance Theobromine exists in higher levels than Caffeine in the Cocao Beans. It works pretty much the same way as Caffeine in Coffee. So Chocolate makes you happy? You know why!

While searching for the substances making up Chocolates, I chanced upon the most common ingredient for most commercial chocolates... E322, Soy Lecithin. Sounds familiar. Read the label of your chocolate bar and you'll find it. This emulsifier is added to the chocolates so that the chocolate manufacturers can make a smooth chocolate without adding more cocoa butter. Why do I raise concern about this E number? A simple google will churn out search results of the nature of this Soy Lecithin. Don't be fooled. This Lecithin is not like most that exists in every living cells. This E322 is a Genetically Modified substance derived from Soy Bean Oil. Yes, we have been eating those chocolates without realising that we've been consuming this GMO substance at the expense of lower manufacturing costs??

More information about E322 at this link.

Why are we the consumers not educated about GMO in our most common food product without any sort of labelling??


uncommon said...

"Why are we the consumers not educated about GMO in our most common food product without any sort of labelling?"


Putting my legal and political hat on, the reason the manufacturers have always opposed the kind of open declaration of what products contain is because of commercial and patent confidentiality.

If a Ferrero Rocher contained a full list of ingredients, what would be to stop a rival manufacturer from preparing precisely the same concoction and selling Rocket Farrago for half price.

However, I side with you: and if I were World Emperor, anyone who was ambiguous about the toot they put in their food preps would be placed feet first into a coal fire till they changed their ways.

McDonalds Fatburger, 10 million calories and 40,000 grams of fat!

Anyway, chocolate is for women!


Syari said...

Sher, you can be a nutritionist soon. :) I am a coffee drinker. I remember that when I was pregnant of my daughter, I did cut on the coffee intake.

You can follow your fiance to work?? cool. Seems like not only you whose brain is blocked from being able to find a good topic to write about. It's happening across the blogosphere I think. Maybe 2009 is a little gloomy year. People feel the depression in the air or something.

SheR. said...

>>Hey Brendan.
Good to see you back.

Oh don't get me wrong. I'm not telling all the manufacturers to declare their secret ingredients!

All I'm saying is, these ingredients that are listed on many of our foodstuff are so unknown to us. I wouldn't know half of those E numbers if I haven't read about them from scientific reports.

I just wish to do my little part here to inform those who chance upon my blog about these few bits of information. Be it useful to the reader or not.

I've learnt that there is so much things we need to learn about the food we consume. We have taken many things for granted and look at how many of us have ruined our bodies by stuffing junk into our systems.

Chocolate is not just for women. Every single frenchmen I met is in love with chocolates too!!

SheR. said...

>>Syari sayang.
My fiance does delivery and I just tag along sometimes.. sitting in the van. :P

I think I should stick to writing useful posts instead of any things that I can conjure up in my brain!:P