An Inspired Confection: Tartlet au Citron et Noix

I made these Tartlets last week. I was craving for a Bakewell Tart real badly and wanted to make some but the idea of having to grind those almonds myself just put me off. So I started brainstorming and wondered if the Almonds that make up the Frangipane can be substituted with any other type of nuts. Well, after scavenging the homebaking aisle in the supermarket for some inspiration, I realised that Ground Walnuts are readily available in packets and don't cost a bomb or too much mess in the kitchen. Since the original idea of the Frangipane is to add aroma to the pastry cream with the inclusion of almonds or pistachios, I guess Walnuts might be a good candidate.

I wanted to make use of the leftover Lemon Curd from my previous Lemon & Clementine Cake adventure. So I replaced the Raspberry Jam in Bakewell Tart with another English favourite, the Lemon Curd.

To further enhance the overall flavours of this pastry, I added Lemon Zest and Walnuts to the Sweet Short Pastry recipe. Borrowing ideas from the pastry of Linzertorte which makes the Tart case to be more cake-like than biscuit-like with the addition of spices.

The overall result? The Tartlets were a sellout with the K family. Even Tata who doesn't like sourish pastries was happily munching through this Tartlet. The Walnut Frangipane a wonderul surprise. Walnuts have such a unique nutty flavour of their own. I topped off the Tartlet like most Bakewell Tart with a nice layer of icing. It was a wonderful experiment that worked pretty well. But I was not very satisfied with the colour of the pastry. The Walnuts tend to lend a darkish colour to the pastry. Perhaps I will make some minor changes to the recipe for next time. Till then, enjoy the Tartlets!

PS: I baked them Tartlets in a Muffin Tray!


BK said...

Looks like the result of your exploration and experimenting was very positive. About the mudpie, I think you can make better mudpie then the Coffee Club. It looks pretty simple to me too; just ice cream, chocolate sauce and oreo cookies. Then why am I still paying $7+ for it? Not very wise right? ;)

SheR. said...

>>Hey Hey BK!
Yeah I love it when my experiments worked out just like what I imagined!

Hm.. I have a Mudpie recipe somewhere there involves a little baking and lots of ingredients. It comes from an American cookbook. Perhaps that one will be decadent...

BK said...

Hmm then your mudpie would be very different from the one I had. The one I was having at Coffee Club was just ice creams with a layer of oreos cookies as the base.