Pineapple Tarts attempt 1,2

A picture speaks a thousand words. The second batch (using the same pastry from the first attempt) tasted more like the real thing. I've decided to add a bit more sugar to the pineapple jam and cooked it off for a little longer to achieve a darker golden yellow.

The results? The tarts tasted less sourish than my first batch. I tried to make other shapes with the pastry but seems like the pastry was too soft for any other adventures. Overall, SATISFACTORY!!!

Till the next Pineapple Tarts, happy baking!


Syari said...

Sher, my mom was good at making pineapple tarts. People used to order from her for Hari Raya. Remember as a teen, I'd be helping to monitor the oven and baking. We had a special made oven that can bake hundreds of tarts at a time.

Real sad that we can't eat her pineapple tarts anymore. :(

SheR. said...

>>Syari sayang.
My aunt too. But she was no longer around. She used to bake thousands each Chinese New Year.. this year there was none. :(

But I will continue her legacy. Now I need to learn it first!

~madame QC said...

pls use ur palms to round the pineapple jam first. wet ur fingers with water to smoothen them before baking, so the jam dont look odd shape.. :p

SheR. said...

Comment je dire merci assez ? Les commentaires qui exudent l'énorme quantité d'observations. Les mots sages qui surpassent n'importe quel génie dans ce monde.