Are my cookies giving you a Migraine?

Yes, not only do I have to worry about the possible allergens in my cookies. I had to worry about them possibly triggering a Migraine. Oh well... that's what my dear cousin told me.

Is that giving you a headache? It is for me. Should this be classified as an allergy? I'm not sure. I'm a sufferer of migraines myself so I empathise with those that feel like bashing their heads against the wall each time the evil Migraine sets in.

What is a Migraine? Wikipedia gives you the answer with all the symptoms listed. Read here. But no doctors could tell me the cause. It's unknown. You either live with it or... LIVE with it. Period. So the only possible solution the doctor can give me is, find the trigger for your migraines. Yeah, it varies for each person. And guess what? Avoid each of those foods. Nice. That means I have to avoid certain foods because I will need to suffer long period of throbbing headaches? NO WAY JOSE!

During my school days ( a long, long time ago...), I had serious migraines that not only causd me to feel nauseous at the sight of every food, it partly affected my vision too. Hm.. so I had to seek medical help for this irritating pain in the HEAD. I was prescribed a Caffeine-based drug that masked the pain but I could still not concentrate on my work with a throbbing right eyebrow. And the doctor offered another medicine that stops the dilaton of my blood vessel on top of the existing Caffeine pills. (Nice. I felt like a drug user!) That went on for years. I had to take the pills every few weeks to take away the pain and get on with life.

Eventually, I had to increase the dosage of the pills as I get addicted to the pills and more were needed to stop the pain. I felt completely helpless. One fine day, me told myself, enough is enough. I hate to be dependant on a drug that doesn't cure the illness! I began to search for ways to reduce the pain. And yeah I did. I figured since the drug is Caffeine-based, I should be able to substitute it with another form of caffeine. Hot drinks don't seem to work. So coffees are out. When my mate offered me an ice cold C**a, I found the solution. Now I used that to partially take away the pain while I make a cup of Green Tea that helps my nerves relax.

That's my Migraine story. Do you have one? Let's share and help combat Migraines together!


Lotus Flower said...

Before my hypertension was diagnosed almost 8 years ago,I was having mind cracking headaches every morning and all I thought was it was migraine. It occurred at almost the same time everyday.

My solution was to take analgesics. But I found out I was wrong. One time, I went to my family physician to get a Medical Certificate in lieue of my office leave, and that time I came to her office, I registered a 160/140 BP.

She was so angry with me. Why did I take those headaches lightly? My reply was a sheepish grin.

Lesson learned: when physical and bodily pain seem too much to bear, go see the family doctor.

Just a thought.


SheR. said...

>>Hiya Lotus Flower!
Thanks for sharing your story.

I've got mine checked out years ago but they found nothing. Ah well.. I just learnt to relax and chill more. :P

Take care of your hypertension. And rem to take your pills to control them while you still can. My mum's hypertension has led to much worst health problems :(

uncommon said...


Good gracious me, no wonder you are so careful about what you ingest.

I've never had a migraine, but I've been around people who have had them and they are a miserable thing.

Of course, only women get them because they 'deserve' them :)


SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate!
You know your statement that women "deserve" having migraines could easily get you killed. :P

No I'm just very bothered about additives nowadays. I watch my food. Ha!

uncommon said...


Its a variation on an old joke, and I was only pulling yer leg, sweetie.

You know you couldn't kill me anyway, being a terminator, I'm made of steel:)

It must be a right pain to have to deal with, I've known a few, so "encouraging hug"...


SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate.
Stop tugging on that leg it's my wooden one. :P

Ah.. you're a Terminator. That explains the "I'll be BAHck!" behaviour lurking around my blog. Hee..