Bakice Kiflice

In Croatia, Kiflica can be a croissant-type bread or a nice crescent-shaped cookie. What we have here is a kiflice cookie made by Grandma K (Baka K).

I'm not too sure if the cookie originates from Hungarian, Polish or simply Slavic. There are recipes from each one of them. But this cookie has got to be the most delicious on earth. The very first time Baka K offered me a tray of this cute little white cookies, I looked at each one with suspicion. The first impression, "It's sugar-coated"!!! But after popping one straight into my mouth, the instant melt-in-the-mouth texture just wows me!

After gobbling the cookies for more than a year from various bakeries, none can compare to Baka K's. Hers is just the right texture. Firm enough to hold its shape but crumbles immediately in my mouth. Can you imagine it?

Each time the K family brought home a box of cakes and cookies from Baka K's house, I was hoping to see my favourite white crescents among them. Like a kid, I will quickly scavenge through the heaps of cookies to find my favourite Kiflice.

And finally Baka K decided to pass her recipe to me!!! I will try to make some soon. Guess what, this cookie is Vegan-friendly! The recipe contains no EGGS. Of course, Baka K shared some of her secrets with me. ;)

Till the first batch of Kiflice, enjoy the picture!


Syari said...

Heh, I know this. Kifli here. Because it is shaped like a kifli bun. My mom in law makes them for every celebration. Is it Hungarian? Hmm will ask.

SheR. said...

I'm not sure if it's Hungarian or Polish or whatever. I can't find the origins of this cookie!