Cake Decoration: Flowers

Do you know all the flowers in the picture are made of Sugar? Yes, they are edible. They are made out of a material (hm.. suggestion for a better word?) we, cake decorators, called Flowerpaste. Sometimes Gumpaste.

All right, before you stop eating all the cakes presented to you, let me explain what those technical terms in Cake Decoration mean and for everyone who is interested in this craft of ours. Flowerpaste is made up of Icing Sugar (or Confectioner's Sugar), Egg Whites and an agent that helps set the paste (it depends on which recipe you follow). Sometimes, you might hear Cake Decorators mention Sugarpaste (or Rolled Fondant in US). They are almost the same thing but they vary in hardness for different decorative purposes. It gets a little more technical if I carry on explaining. Let me leave it for the next posts after we're done with the basics here.

In the world of Cake Decoration, the serious crafters like me use more than just Buttercream, Frosting or Chocolate to cover the cakes. We are trained in the craft of shaping and moulding Marzipan (Almond paste) and sugar doughs into flowers or figurines suited to each occasion that the the customer request for. Each of us is able to handle a piping bag very much like a pen for writing sugar inscriptions on the cakes. The more experienced crafters are able to manipulate melted sugars to create flowers baskets. Indeed, it requires more than a steady hand. It trains a calm mind and tons of patience to perfect each memory on a cake.

Those flowers in the picture do not require much skill. We have been blessed with flower plungers and cutters that help us save the time for cutting thousands of little flowers out of the flowerpaste in a matter of minutes.

Have you ever tried Cake Decorating or are you an experienced Cake Decorator?


DineometerDeb said...

I have seen some pretty elaborate cake decorations, that look way too good to eat. They have a show here in the US called Ace of Cakes about a guy that makes these very elaborate cakes.

SheR. said...

Yes. I've heard of Ace of Cakes. One of the most reputable around. Wish someday I can get the opportunity to make them!

BK said...

Melted sugar? I believe one will definitely have to be very patience. Besides the different in melting temperature, is working with melted sugar similar to chocolate. As from what I heard or rather saw in the TV program that chocolate can melt easily when handled and thus time can be crucial when working with chocolate.

SheR. said...

>>BK. Hi hi!
Well..for a skilled Patissier who works regularly with Sugar and Chocolate. He/She knows how to manipulate the materials. And trust me, they don't melt unless the sugar crafter is unskilled or the atmosphere too humid!