Croatian Desserts: Kremšnita

This is the picture of a whole Kremšnita split into two that explains the slightly out of shape appearance. What does this pastry look to you? My first impression was a Millefeuille with lots of pastry cream. And when I tried it for the first time, I promised myself not to order another.

It's not that this pastry is not tasty. But just not my type. When a kind friend drove a distance to get these pastries from a famous shop, they insisted I must try this. Recalling my first bite into this pastry and the simply sickening feeling lingering in my mouth thereafter, I "politely" (or violently.. depends on how you look at it) declined.

Let me explain, Ur Resident Chef has a low tolerance for food filled with too much cream or cheese. I would be sick for the entire day. When I was younger, a cup of Cold Milk in the morning was enough to make me run to the toilet a couple of times to empty my bowels (to put it in a nice way).

In the end, after a lot of "nagging" from another friend present at the dinner, I took a small bite. This pastry was indeed different from my other horrid experiences of Kremšnita. The pudding which filled most of the other Kremšnita was replaced by a properly cooked custard. The pastry skin is fresh crispy and not soggy (I guess the Kremšnita in other establishments were left to grow bacteria in their fridges).

Conclusion? I would still prefer a Millefeuille anytime. The custard is still too much for me. And filling it with some fruits like raspberries would be much better than custard on its own. Here's Ur Resident Chef signing off on a chilly March Tuesday afternoon after a nice Tom Yam Goong for lunch.


EastCoastLife said...

I'm curious. :)

It doesn't look attractive but I like desserts which has custard or cheese in it.

Dutchie said...

Hey, this resembles our Tom Pouce !
It's typically dutch, not found abroad unless some enterprising shops stocked them up for a community/retirement homes where a high concentration of dutch resides. It seems those overseas dutch r craving for them dutch yummies :-)

Ok, Tom Pouce comes in two pieces of butter puff pastry, filled with a creamy yellow custard (called baker's cream) in the middle. A "slice" cost € 1,50 - good for 4 generous bites. We usually buy the DIY box (€ 1,49) with 2 sets of ingredients. Each set comes with 2 pieces of pastry, a mix (with cold milk) for the filling n a pack of glacé for the topping (too sweet for my taste). The finished product is then cut into 3 rectangular slices. It is very yummy, with a vanilla aroma. I usually feel very sated after having a slice of it.

The pastry remains crispy when freshly made at home. Those ready to eat pieces at the shops r often soft. Each chef makes his own version of the custard - often it lacks flavour or sweetness.

Frozen Tom Pouce (12 small bites in a box) r the worst, the pastry tasted like cardboard :-/ R frozen pastries n cakes a hit in Croatia ?

Do u also hv trouble filling ur fridge or kitchen cabinets with yummy snacks ? I hv tried with all kinds that I can find in the supermart but got bored with the buttery stuff.
I hv been baking for years - cakes n cookies but after a while, they all taste the same *sigh*. How I wish there r kueh stalls round the corner *drools*. I would prefer to hv steamed buns n all kinds of chinese snacks but it's undo-able due to a lack of ingredients. Besides, it's very time consuming as well. I hv not succeeded in getting my white radish cake to solidify - still dont know where I went wrong *sob*

SheR. said...

Hm.. you fly to Croatia. I'll treat you to some! :P

I'm not sure if the pastry is puff or Filo. Possibly Filo for this Croatian version. I guess it might not be dutch influenced as there are no dutch around here. It is a real simple pastry actually so it doesn't take a genius to figure out sandwiching custard between two pieces of pastry is nice.

My fridge is never full. I have monsters at home!

BK said...

First impression, when I was looking at the picture, is something with D24 in it. :P

SheR. said...

HAhaha... Of course not! I guess a lot of them will escape from the restaurant if it contains Durians! :P