Pork Cuts

Stumbled upon something interesting while browsing the web. An interactive guide to Pork Cuts. Now you know which part you are buying!

We always hear people telling you which part of the beef is the best cut but not many give two hoots about the Pig or Pork to be exact. The even stranger phenomenon is a general preference of Beef over Pork. Pork is deemed a lesser meat and even "dirty" according to many.. referring to the eating habits of the pigs.

However, according to what I've heard (from the TV commercials), the pigs nowadays are getting a better life. Sleeping on straw beds....Eating only maize. I'd even seen a pig farmer on Taiwanese television who feeds his pigs only Tea! Not to mention the envy of most humans, the Ben & Jerry's pigs ... yeah.. they eat B&J's ice creams for lunch!!!

Sometimes, I wonder if it's just me.. I taste the difference in the pork meat from Australia (corn-fed pigs) and Malaysia. The Aussie piggies seem to have a slight milky taste that the Malaysian imports lack! I would love to taste that "Tea pig"! I have to mention that Croatian pork are a little strong in taste for my liking. The meat almost resembles that of beef which I find appalling! I wonder if the explanation is Diet?

What's stranger to me...the fat piggies are prized for their meat in sausages and hams. How many of you prefer sausages made from beef?? So why the different treatment?

So how do you like your Pork cooked?


Jasmine Shanea said...

hey babe!

I try to blog at least once a month to keep it alive. work's been really busy but fun!

my hubby has discovered a new found love for raw pork now ever since his stay in Europe.

I prefer mine braised the ol' Chinese style. :)

missed you loads! hope you've been well!

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

Haven't been around more than I want to because the laptop I am using is almost wearing out and I am praying it doesn't die on me soon.

Thanks for always remembering to drop by.

True, it seems beef is always higlighted with respect to cut facts. Thanks for sharing this info. Now we know.

Cheers and my best regards to you and your loved one.

A Singaporean in London said...

I've heard that before but honestly, I can't tell the difference. Pork is pork to me and I'll be contented if you just keep them comin'. :)

I think the 'milk' taste of the Aussie pork can be attributed to the fact that Australia is a dairy producing country. So I guess more milk is fed to the pigs.


SheR. said...

>>Jasmine!! :)

>>Lotus Flower!
Glad to see you around!

Feeding Milk to pigs.. a little expensive, non?