The Scientists vs Mums

Is it just me? I find those scientific studies concerning our health are merely reinforcing what our Mums have been telling us since we were young?

Here are some scientific claims versus Mum's words:

The Scientists say:
Acrylamide levels in snacks can increase the risk of Cardiovascular disease.

My Mum told me:
Snacks are bad for you! They make you fat!

The Scientists say:
Broccoli can reduce Asthma.

My Mum told me:
Eat your Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower! They are good for you!

And The Scientists say:
Foods rich in Vitamin C can promote Artery Health.

My Mum told me:
Eat your fruits and vegetables! They are full of Vitamin C!

So my Mum doesn't need to be a nutritionist to tell me what's good and bad for my health. Hooray to Mums!!!

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