Thursday Trivial - Doughnut

As usual, the week went by. Thursday is one of my favourite days of the week. Can't exactly explain why. Probably good things happen on this day of the week. Yeah, I was born on a Thursday.

There's nothing to special about today. It's one of those quiet Thursdays that came and went without anyone noticing. And I was searching for a topic to post on. I dug through my photos on the laptop and found the familiar picture of a doughnut.

When I was in Singapore, I worked as a sales assistant in a doughnut shop for a few months. My Japanese boss Mr Takiue brought in the mini-doughnut machine from USA. Just a trivial fact, the actual cost of importing the machine is more than the machine itself. I didn't have a picture of the machine now but I did capture one of the sugared doughnuts.

For those who do not know, there was a huge doughnut craze in Singapore between 2006 to 2007. I'm not sure when people got tired of eating doughnuts but I know the doughnut shops were not doing well in 2008. Can you imagine queues outside doughnut shops and some will tell you that they had been queueing for almost 3 hours to get a box of doughnuts from one of those famous doughnut shops? You wouldn't believe it unless you witness it yourself. What a craze!

Back to Mr Takiue's shop, where everything is tiny. The doughnuts were a mere 4cm across. And the entire process of frying the doughnuts are (almost) automated. Technology creates wonders! Most people were queueing for almost 20 minutes on weekends just to try those mini doughnuts.

How I remembered them: Small, Crispy and gone in one gulp!

When I think about doughnuts, those lovely jam doughnuts worth 17p each in Tesco's came to my mind. You couldn't imagine how those small round doughnuts fill me up for such a low cost. Those jam doughnuts that we made in my Bakery School were usually sold out in less than 2 hours!

How I remembered them: Raspberry Jam adds the extra zing to an otherwise soft yummy doughnut!

All the way here in Croatia, we are happy with our much larger Krafna (Croatian for Doughnuts). It's not hard to find them as all bakeries in Croatia sell Krafna. It can be filled with apricot jam or Chocolate and even custard. No, you don't have to be early to get a doughnut.

How I remembered them: Chocolate filled Krafna is the best.. but the Chocolate can be some cheap Nutella imitation of pay more for the real thing. Apricot jam krafna just doesn't have the oompf. And the pudding in the doughnut is plain boring.

During my trips to France, I would never miss out the Beignets (French doughnuts and also for anything fried). The French Beignets do remind me more of the English dougnuts. And of course, Chocolate-filled Beignets are the most popular.

How I remembered them: Fresh, soft and wonderful amount of Chocolate. Heavenly!!!

And of course who can miss out an American donut? On my last trip to San Francisco, I couldn't resist not stepping into a donut shop to grab a yummy chocolate coated donut. Back in 1999, it costs me more than USD1. I wonder how much it is now? But the American donuts have the largest variety for the toppings. I was totally spoilt for choice!

How I remembered them: Hole in the centre donuts are much lighter in taste. And chocolate coating is wonderful!!!

Have I made you crave for a Doughnut yet?


Dutchie said...

Hi Sher :-)

How do u fill doughnuts with jam or chocolate since there is a hole in the centre ?

I like doughnuts coated in chocolate with crushed peanuts on top - yum ! I dont like jam bec it's too sweet. My sis n I came upon a cake shop in Bt Batok where the doughnuts were so fine like butter sponge cake instead of those bread dough quality found in most shops. Sadly after 2yrs they changed management n it was back to bread dough doughnuts. When I'm in SG, I still go on the hunt for the yummy type.

Chinatown in SF offers cakes n cookies which were common fare in my childhood. Hubby n I had a great time trying them all ! Shops in Chinatown/SG r reviving the trend but they r charging 80ct to 1,20 for the salted "pong piah" or "lau por ping", etc. The whole array is very eye-catching n brings out the nostalgia. My mom thought the price has really gone overboard for such small bites.

Right, hv u any idea how to make the cakey quality doughnuts ? I hv tried numerous times with a "dry" dough in order to roll it out into rings for deep frying. Hubby thought it might work better with a soft batter whereby the dough is pushed thru a pump (cookie cutter device) onto a baking tray. This does not appeal to me bec doughnuts r supposed to be deep fried isnt it ? I hv another recipe involving the use of yeast which is not feasible here bec of the cold. Oh, that reminds me, I also liked them with a sprinkling of icing sugar !

Speaking of beignets - the dutch celebrates new year's eve with "olie bollen" - made from a egg/yeast batter of raisins, orange peel n preserved tutti-frutti. The fried balls r dusted with icing sugar to give the effect of snow :-) Beignets stuffed with cinnamon apple slices n raisins r either dipped in yeast batter for frying or baked in puff pastry - both equally yummy. When the season starts in november, the sweet aroma is unmistaken from mobile stalls parked outside the supermarts. I always make them myself - it's alot cheaper than paying 65ct for a bite n u need at least 4 to feel satisfied !

Does the Croatians hv fried snacks for the festive season?

Mei Teng said...

I love doughnuts and the mini ones too...plain and coated with light sugar. I used to eat the ones from Big Apple Donuts but now I am not into them anymore.

DineometerDeb said...

Krispy Kreme donuts are popular here. There is a sign that flashes HOT in the window when they are freshly made. It is not possible to eat just one. So bad for you but deliscious.

EastCoastLife said...

I don't particularly like donuts. In year 2006, my Indonesian students brought me their local J Co donuts which I like. Then they came to Singapore and several more donut shops open.

I was amused to see people queuing hours for donuts. I never do that.
I find donuts too sweet.

SheR. said...

Hello! Haven't seen you in a while. Will you be at SG day next month?

Hm.. I'm not too sure what you meant by sponge-cake type doughnuts. I need to try one to know.

The Dutch doughnuts sound really interesting. Never even heard of them. I guess Dutch cuisine is not so well known outside of Netherlands. What a shame!

Keep educating us please!

SheR. said...

>>Mei Teng.
Never tried doughnuts from Big Apple.

I guess that's how the doughnut craze died out. People are just not into them anymore?

>>Hey Dineometer.
Krispy Kreme is big in UK too. I tried one. Nice fondant coating that is pretty light on the palate. That's why they are so popular.

Yeah doughnuts can be overly sweet. But I love them with some jam. Makes them a more sourish!

Dutchie said...

Hi Sher,

I'm always around to read ur post lah :-)

Hubby is quite sure he's scheduled to travel on the week of SG Day. He is optimistic that the next SG Day will be held on mainland Europe. Otherwise he will treat me to a satay fest here (am laughing abt this bec I will be the one doing all the donkey labour as usual).

It will be a great pity to miss out on the fun n meeting u all *sob* Hope that u n the others will hv loads of pix to share thereafter.

SheR. said...

>>Hi Dutchie!
Thanks so much for the support! Hee..

I forgot to answer your question about filling doughnuts with Jam. Actually in UK, there is a device called the Jam Injector. Erm.. or something by that name. It has a rather sharp nozzle resembling a syringe at the bottom of the container that pokes a hole in the doughnut and pressing the paddle located right under it, it injects Jam straight into the doughnut until you release the paddle. Neat hur?