Ur Resident Chef Garden: Survived the Winter

Only three plants survived the winter. But it's all right. The Aloe Vera has grown to immense proportions in the flat. Winter or not, it doesn't seem to deter the cactus plant from growing.

My Lemongrass plant has stopped growing. I've left it outside the last few months. It somehow managed to adjust to the cold weather and waiting for better days to come. I've read on the web that I should trim the plant and should stop watering it unless the soil totally dried out. And here it is, still going on.

All my Chilli plants died after two whole weeks of rain. I was really sad but I won't give up. I've read some sites that gave me some good advices on how to germinate the seeds to growing the plants. So this is the Day One picture of my Chilli seeds.. awaiting germination.

Last but not least, my little Calamansi is still around. Yeah! The one and only that germinated and survived. The lovely 7th leaf that sprung out from the tiny plant indicated that spring is here and it is still very much alive!

That's it for now. The Amateur gardener signing off.


Mei Teng said...

You grew aloe vera? Wow..and the lemon grass really comes in handy for cooking.

BK said...

It is nice to have some greeneries in the house isn't it? :)

SheR. said...

>>Mei Teng.
Yes I do. My beloved aunt cultivated it for me. So this plant is something to remember her by. Useful and strong plant.

>> BK.
I love all my plants with all my heart and soul. I will cry for days when one plant died. You can imagine how painful it is? My fiance told me I'm silly. But it's difficult to explain the amount of love I put int growing my little plants!

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

Growing plants is much like nurturing children. Do you believe that?

I do. In fact, I used to talk to mine. Especially those that seem uncomfortable where they are planted.

My indoor plants, especially, which seem to need more care than those outside the house... maybe because they are under harsher conditions - like less sun.

I have a new rosemary plant taking up all my attention these days. I bought it recently and am determined to grow it to a thriving bunch.

To ensure that, I was advised, to make sure it is kept away from rain. And just like a baby needing attention, I protect rosemary from the rain.

So, I totally understand that you cry and grieve when your plant dies :-(

Congratulations, though for the calamansi and the seeming sturdy, aloe vera. Hooray for plant Moms like us:-)


A Singaporean in London said...

Is that aloe vera for your skin? We used to have a pot of that and my Mum sliced it every so often and patched it on her face.

Hmm... she does look comical then. lol

SheR. said...

>>Lotus Flower!
Hoorah to Plant Moms!!!
I saw your rosemary pics. Aw.... so nice and pretty. The plant is so happy to be in your care!!!

I think you can use the Aloe Vera to reduce the swelling of your pimples. It has anti-inflammatory effects I think.

I wouldn't put it straight on my face... it stinks and it's sticky.. Yucks!

BK said...

Hmm I hope I can understand how you really felt. I can only imagine the pain you went through when your plant die. But the Calamansi is really beautiful. :)

SheR. said...

Thanks. That sweet little calamansi is less than 6 cm tall but sits right next to me each day on the computer table. :) Watching is grow is such an experience!
I'll never take another clamasi for granted again.