Guest Posting: The Multitasking Food Processor

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Keeping our kitchen organized can be a difficult task as we’re constantly shuffling items around our pantry and preparing meals for our friends and family. While we try to keep things in their place at all times to make the cooking process easier, it’s common to lose sight of a few key kitchen tools amongst the various cookware sets we have in the kitchen whenever we need them most. A great way to stay organized and concentrate on the dish at hand is to invest in multitasking small appliances such as a food processor that offers a number of different functions that will take care of all of your chopping, mincing, and blending needs. The good news about food processors is that they can help make a number of different recipes to accommodate your favorite dishes whether it’s a plate of appetizers to serve to your guests or a delicious dessert for a special event.

Choosing a processor that comes with attachments or extra blades will help with prep work in the kitchen such as shredding carrots for cake or chopping up ingredients for side salads. In addition to vegetables, this appliance can take on an assortment of nuts for pesto sauces and desserts as well as meats for dips and spreads. If you’re more of the baking type, using this processor for mixing bread, cookie, and pizza dough is always a safe bet and will get your ingredients prepared for the oven in no time. Often times people prefer this appliance over a blender as it can take care of all of the same functions at the touch of a button like blending fruits for breakfast smoothies or mixing cake and brownie batters for after dinner desserts. Furthermore, this is a great tool to use for pureeing soups and preparing homemade baby food so that your children can get great food with a higher nutritional value.

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