Monday Food Poems: Anchovies

Little Anchovies
Each Four inches long.
Flour coated
And seasoned with Salt.
Fry them
Serve them while hot!
Little Anchovies
What more to ask for?


Lotus Flower said...

I love anchovies but we don't have much of them fresh, here where I come from. So I get to eat anchovies the canned type and almost always as a pizza topping. Most supermarts, though carry the pricey ones produced in Spain.

Been so busy my friend. Thanks for asking.

My best to you.

EastCoastLife said...

mmm... I like anchovies on warm steam rice. *slurp*

SheR. said...

>>Lotus Flower.
Oh. I think I'm blessed with these healthy and inexpensive fresh anchovies here. They are easily available in the market. So we love to buy them every few weeks!

I was thinking of Ikan Bilis... :P

Mei Teng said...

I like anchovies (we call them sardines here and much smaller ones).

SheR. said...

>>Mei Teng.
Hi. Those are indeed Anchovies. A much larger version of Ikan Bilis found in SE Asia.

Sardines are much thinner and oilier. :)