Post 1: Jam Doughnut!

Yes. No trip to London will be complete without gobbling down a few Jam Doughnuts. As I mentioned in my previous post about Doughnuts, this Brit equivalent of a Doughnut is simply delicious. It is packed with lots of Red Jam (Raspberry or Strawberry) that can squirt right in your face if you are not careful when you take your first bite.

If you too wondered how this Jam managed to find its way into the inside of a round dough of fried bread, let me explain to you here. There is such a device named the Jam Ejector that can be found in most UK bakeries (that makes doughnuts). This simple device has a jar that contains the Jam, two nozzles (resembling syringes without the needles of course) that enables you to insert them halfway into the doughnut and a small paddle that you push down to eject the jam into the doughnut. Of course, it takes a little Jam-inserting experience to learn how much of jam is sufficient for each doughnut. Too much of it and the Jam oozes out of the doughnut!

Enough said about my lovely Jam Doughnut, here is the picture and have a good tea break!


C K said...

Jam donuts! I used to buy them in packs of 6 from the neighbourhood Tesco on my way back from work and finish them before I reach my doorstep. Bad idea, needless to say, my weight ballooned thereafter.

So now more jam donuts for me. :p

SheR. said...

I used to bake them in school.. Can you imagine.. such a sinful thing.. We get to eat them for free.. fresh! Gosh.. I love them still!!