Thursday Trivial: Coffee

Continuing on our daily coffee escapades, we couldn't resist a coffee festival held last weekend at various Opatija hotels. In the picture above, you will see the prices of coffee and cakes available during the 3-day festival. It was a steal as a usual cup of Macchiatto at Rijeka caffee bars will cost anything above 6kn (1 euro = 7.45 kn). During the festival, major brands of coffee (Italian Illy and Hausbrandt, Austrian Julius Meinl and of course not forgetting the Croatian Franck) were offered at a discounted rate of 5kn a cup. Even the coffee-flavoured cakes were at a discount too! Being typical Singaporean, I wouldn't miss out on such a thing! What a lovely coffee day!

Speaking of Coffee, have you ever wondered why it is named Coffee? Wikipedia answered my question. The English name Coffee derived from its Italian name Poki. Tracing the history of Coffee brought us back to Ethiopia where the first coffees were consumed back in the 9th century.

In Croatia, the very name of Kava was probably derived from the Turkish word Kahve. For those who do not know, Turkish coffee is also pretty popular in Croatia on top of our usual Espresso-based drinks.

I'm not a Coffee connoisseur but I cannot bring myself to sip a terribly made cup. Too much coffee ground gives you an overpowering bitter taste with not much of everything else. Too much foam or milk and you must as well order a cup of warmed milk.

I love mine with a slight dash of milk or foam on top. And I need two cups of coffee a day. How about you? Have you had your caffeine fix today?


DineometerDeb said...

Trivial Thursday! Ha! I participated without knowing there was such a thing.

SheR. said...

Only on my blog! Hahahah
My very own Thursday Trivial!
I love your Egg quiz!