Thursday Trivial & Freakish Friday :BBQ (Barbecue)

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Yes my readers this is the lazy edition for two days in one. Want to know why? Well, Ur Resident Chef is taking a much needed holiday way before Summer peak... to the land of Big Ben, Fish & Chips, Curry and Poshness (not Becks please!).

Recall I overheard a conversation about the BBQ sauce last week.. something to do with Big Ben and the sauce? Oh well.. I did a little snooping around to come up with this week's edition. And of course as you might have guessed, BBQ has nothing to do with the Big Ben in London. It is a sauce to go with the increasingly popular method of cooking.. BBQ or barbecue.

According to Wiki (yeap the favourite source for lazy surfers like me!), the word Barbecue is a corruption of the word Barbacoa meaning "sacred fire pit" used by the Taíno people of the Caribbean. That explains the method of cooking that is made popular all over the world. However, the exact origin of BBQ sauce is unknown.

But I believe not knowing where the BBQ sauce originates does not hinder us from enjoying this condiment or stopping each country from coming up with their own variation of the Sauce. My impression of any type of BBQ sauce is spicy, sourish and tomato based. So I guess with a little imagination, we can come up with our very own BBQ sauce too.

That's all as Ur Resident Chef leaves you with this post for the weekend and I'll come back from my trip with more food pictures and stories! Be back next week! Ciao!!!


DineometerDeb said...

That sounds excellent! Have a great time!

SheR. said...

Thanks we did have a good time of endless feasting!! :P