Thursday Trivial: French Fries

The Fries, I guess most of you know what French Fries are or have consumed your share in your teenage years. Wikipedia source stated that both Belgian and French claim the fries to originate from them. Be it French or Belgian, these thin strips of potatoes cut and deep fried are enjoyed all over the world.

The very term "French Fries" was probably derived from the way the fries is fried or simply the way the potatoes is cut... meaning julienned which has its French origins. Either way, I bet the original term of "Pomme de Terres (french for Potatoes) Frites " which has evolved to the shorter version of "Pommes (not to be confused with Apples) Frites" plays an important role.

For me, I can enjoy this dish in the so-called historical hometown Belgium.. yes, enjoyed with the lovely Belgian beers, ...in German towns served with Curry sauce (a personal favourite of mine),.. in America fast food outlets worldwide or as an accompaniment to your steak.

However, let us not confused these "skinny" fries with their Brit counterparts called Chips. No they are the American potato chips (or Crisps as they are known in Britain) but a chunkier and fresher version of the French fries which can be found under the name of "Shoestring Fries" in certain English pubs.

Why do I say they are fresher? Most restaurants like the ones I used to work for ordered their cut potatoes fresh each day submerged in cold water. They are not brought in as dried potato sticks like the French Fries. Each fry is not perfectly shaped like a stick but chunks of a greater irregular shaped potato. It retains the moist interior when fried unlike the French Fries which are crispy throughout (except for some soggy cases).

Do you know that each country also consume their fries or chips with different condiments? From Tomato Ketchup and Mayonnaise to Vinegar (good ol' English Chips) and German curry sauce, the fries have to be enjoyed with one type of sauce or another (Not forgetting the BBQ sauce.. heard two Croatian boys rattling on about eating fries with BBQ sauce at Big Ben.. hence the name Big Ben Q...T___T no comments).

I guess at the end of the day, be it a Chip or a Fry, it is indeed the one simple dish that is enjoyed worldwide. Cheers to French Fries!


DineometerDeb said...

Hi Sher! What is in the little cups? Ketchup and mustard?

When I was in grade school we had a speaker from Belgium that told us about putting mayonaise on fries. This is delicious but even more unhealthy so I try not to do it.

SheR. said...

Heee. Ketchup and Mayonnaise of course. I got a Mayonnaise monster in the house!

I'm not a fan of Mayonnaise.. possibly due to the fact that I had to make kgs of it everyday...the amount of fats in there.. :P

Mei Teng said...

French fries are universal favourites! I like potato wedges too.