Tuesday Lunch: Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Nothing too exciting this week. Just lots of ham and mushrooms cooked in a lot of cream. Not my type of food but as a mate of mine once remarked: "Food is food, don't complain if you are not paying for it!"

There are tips to remember when preparing your mushrooms for pasta or cream-based soup:
  • Always sweat the mushrooms thoroughly so as to bring out the flavours in the fungi.
  • Fry some chopped garlic before adding the fungi to the pan. It adds more flavour. Onions are not as compatible with mushrooms.
  • Use your herbs. They go together so well that you can imagine yourself in a forest!
  • Oh.. and for everyone else who is not allergic to Pepper. Please do add it!
That's all for Tuesday Lunch. Ur Resident Chef is off to hide in the room where the rain can't get enter!


BK said...

This looks good enough for me. I would be happy to finish it for you if you don't want that. :)

SheR. said...

Of course we ate it all! Ha...