Tuesday Lunch: Mediterranean roasted Chicken Breasts

Want something healthier for lunch? We opted for Chicken Breasts. No skin and no fats. My love for of Citrus and Herbs inspired me to create this dish which is perfect for a sunny Spring Tuesday afternoon. With a weather this good, food should be enjoyed at its freshest and simplest.

Guess what I added in the marinade? For Citrus, I chose Orange today. It's a switch from the usual Lemon. And lots of dried herbs. Oh I can hear you mourning about Dried... oh well.. Fresh Rosemary next time. On top of all these goodness, I added Garlic. Yes. Real good stuff. Chopped of course. And a nice drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (made in Croatia!!). Seasoning the breasts lightly with salt and pepper to keep it simple. Now you tell me, isn't it delicious and healthy for a Tuesday lunch?

Till the next Tuesday lunch, do come back for more! Ur Resident Chef is busy helping herself to the Chicken and Rice combo on an April Tuesday.


BK said...

Hey mate, this looks really good! I was just commenting the other day on how you 'tortured' us always with photos of your recipes and today you are tempting us again. Grrrr......

By the way, can you make one with a chicken thigh instead? I prefer the thigh meat. :)

SheR. said...

Hi BK.
Sure Thighs are tender and if you remove the skins, it'll be low in fat too.

I think it'll b easier to cook it after deboning the thighs.

If not, just make sure you thoroughly cook them. The liquid should run clear if you pierced it with a skewer. :)

Have fun!

Kim, Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet said...

I love chicken breasts and especially in a sandwich! I can just imagine it now... with some chips and maybe a vanilla milkshake!

SheR. said...

Thanks for visiting.. I love your droolicious blog too!

Oh Chicken Breasts are sometimes too overrated. But I think without the hassle of biting into a bone, it needs to be!

Bring on that chips and milkshake!!