Weird Wednesday: Cats & Fish

And you thought Cats eat ALL fishes? Nope, unfortunately the posh feline of ours and two that belong to my mate do not agree on this. Cats are known for being real choosy. So even given a dream food from heaven (I guess that's what cats think), they may not eat all the fish you put on their dishes!

Our little fat Fioki in the picture ADORES Anchovies. Not to be confused with Sardines. He hates them. And a new love interest, Mackerel. Throw him a fish head? He won't even bother to turn his head. If I serve his fishes too warm, he wouldn't eat them. De-boned. That's how he likes them. So you tell me this habit of our cat does not qualify for Weird Wednesday?


DineometerDeb said...

Awww! What a cute kitty! He looks well fed too.

SheR. said...

Our cat is well known for being the fattest around here! Hahahah :P