Weird Wednesdays: Wonky Tree

Filler post? Well.. it's Weird Wednesday again. Nothing too weird going on. So I looked through my old pictures of trees.. (I love taking odd pictures of trees) and found this one which would make a perfect picture for a horror movie.

It's how marvellous how trees shed their leaves to conserve energy for winter. That reminds me, my Lemongrass (read older posts of Chef Garden) does the same too. It totally stopped growing throughout the winter months. I left it outside in the cold and through the rain. I thought it has passed its prime. Amazingly few days ago, I saw green shoots sprouting when the official warm weather came to our town! Wow... the weirdness of nature. It's amazing.

Do you love growing plants like I do? Join the Plant Moms (as Lotus Flower from Ibanag cooking coined it) Club! Ur Resident Chef is off to tend to my little garden!


BK said...

Weirdness of nature? I would like to call it the magic of nature. :)

SheR. said...

Yes BK!
It's simply miraculous isn't it?