Finding time

Thanks to all the well wishes from my dearest family and friends! I'm busy working 8 hours a day for the next 7 days. Yeah, it's a new kitchen and we (the Head Chef and I) are finding ways to make it work. Hard work I say!

Now that time is getting scarce, I will try my best to blog as much as possible. I will not be able to write long posts as I used to. Pardon until I get my break. It's summer time and it's the busiest time of the year!

For those who are interested, it is my first job in a hotel kitchen. Working in W.A. Mozart Hotel situated at Opatija, Croatia. My main responsibilities are Cake Making! Wheee.. It's my favourite. And includes Petits Fours as well. Too bad I'm not able to take pictures of my creations anymore. I will find time to make more cakes once we are settled down with the job and probably moving to a new place! :)

Till then, don't forget to come back and visit my blog!

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