For the most precious and beautiful woman on earth: My Mother

My beautiful family!

I know Ma might never read this post but I still wish to dedicate this special day to the woman and person I loved the most in the whole universe.

She has the most beautiful SMILE,
The one that makes my heart ache each time I see her at Changi Airport.

She has the strongest ARMS,
The ones that held me close to her heart when I was weak.

She has the toughest HEART,
The one that loves us unconditionally through the years.

She has the most courageous SPIRIT,

The one that never wavered no matter what life threw at her.

She has the gentlest TOUCH,
The one that soothes my tired spirit in those tough times.

She has the most miraculous HANDS,
The ones that cooks the most delicious food on earth that I missed each day I'm away.

Ma I love you and missed you. Hope you are well and happy forever!


BK said...

Hey, your Ma might never read this post but she will definitely feel these positive thoughts that come from you.

SheR. said...

An expression of my love for her! HEee...

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

Such a sweet and loving message from a dear daughter.


I can see that you're onto something good - like those fabulously beautiful and delish (I reckon) cakes!!

My best to you.

SheR. said...

>>lotus Flower.

More cakes to come!