Fresh Fruit Cake for Sale!

Hello again peeps! I've been hibernating for a week or so. No posts. Sorry. I was busy preparing cakes and myself for something big to come. Possibly work. And of course, my Cake business has finally taken off with a first sales...the Fresh Fruit Cake in the picture!

I was contemplating Buttercream (which usually involves more work as I used Boiled Sugar instead of just icing sugar and butter) but it was too much of a hassle and I opted for fresh whipped cream. However, I did not expect the cream to curdle. I reckoned the fruit juices and the "Stablised" (this cream has Carrageenan Gum added!!!) Cream did not exactly like to be frozen. Anyway, I made up for the terribly crumbly cream with lots of Fruits on top. My customer couldn't be complaining too much (but she did ask for a PINK cake).

More projects coming up. Petit fours and more cakes. So I'll be brainstorming and leaving a little space for blogging. Do bear with me while I pick up some materials for next post. Till then, don't forget to visit my blog again!!


BK said...

The cake looked good. I believe you have one happy customer. :)

C K said...

Just wondering whether that will last in a flight to London. lol

Congrats on your first cake sale!

SheR. said...

Yes I believe so. I don't like to short-change customers and give them a lousy cake. Must be delicious and pretty! That's why I'm still a struggling cake decorator! :P

Hm.. I doubt the cream or the fruits can endure an hour in this heat! Why don't you pop over and enjoy a fresh cake right here in Croatia! :) My treat!