Post 2: You Tiao

Another Singaporean favourite has got to be "You Tiao" or Dough fritter or Chinese Crullers. I'm sorry if the picture looks a little indecent but that was the only decent photograph taken before we gobbled the rest!

What's so special about this Fritter as compared to the thousands of other fritters present in other cultures? This is a special breakfast snack in many Asian countries where ethnic Chinese are predominant. It is often served with "Tou Hua" or Soy Beancurd Jelly which is sweet to contrast with the slightly salty Fritter. It is a Cantonese (residents of Guang Dong and Guang Xi in Southern China) specialty and it has a long history tracing back to the Song Dynasty. You can read the story on this wikipedia article. The article will tell you the reason why the dough is shaped in this particular way.

Although it is a lovely breakfast snack, the ethnic Chinese all over the world will tell you how this Fritter can be enjoyed with a nice bowl of Congee (which can also be served as breakfast). Congee is a rice porridge which involved cooking the rice in stock for hours till it achieved the real smooth texture. The Fritter is cut into small pieces and douse into the porridge.

In Singapore (my homeland), we love You Tiao with our Bak Kut Teh or Pork Ribs Pepper Soup (I will elaborate on this dish in another post) which is served for lunch or dinner.

Now the most unique part about this Fritter is the recipe. It is not a pancake dough like in most Fritter recipe (Flour, sugar and Egg) but it includes Alum (hydrated aluminium potassium sulphate), Ammonia Powder, Yeast and Bicarbonate of Soda. All these make Fritter fluff up when fried and the end product is real crispy without being too greasy.

Still not convinced? Head down to your Chinatown and ask for You Tiao!


C K said...

I would give anything for a crispy you tiao with a bowl of soy bean right now. It's a pity that they do not have it over at Singapore Day.

Hey, if you're heading back home for a visit, do drop by the Food Republic over at Vivo City, the you tiao over there is Sedap!

SheR. said...

Ah... I love my You Tiao with Porridge!! :P
Ok. I'll keep the Vivocity You Tiao in mind! KIV KIV!

BK said...

I never knew that You Tiao are made so differently. I have always thought that it is made with flour. Hydrated aluminum potassium sulphate? This sure sounds very chemical; for a while, it would stop me from taking another bite of the You Tiao.

SheR. said...

If you do a research into the ingredients for Chinese food, you'll realised a lot of unusual ones, like Alum stated in this post and Alkali Water.. even Ammonia. :P