Struggle and Search for the Perfection

Nope. This is not a motivational post. It's more about ME! Oh well. Are you bored of reading it already? Don't be! I would like to share my mishaps in my cake adventures and hope someone searching for some answers (for cakes!! not life!) can find some here!

We all learn from our mistakes. And for me, I need slightly more than one error to perfect what I'm doing. It's been a while and I'm getting really rusty with my Cake Decorating. I seriously doubt that my next Sugarpaste cake will turn out the way I want it to be!

As you can see this is my "first" decorated Chocolate Cake in the above picture. What went wrong? I forgot to buy a bigger cake tray!! Yeah. First Cake Decorator rule: Always get a cake board bigger than your cake (and that applies to the box for transporting the cake!). My big big mistake. I couldn't decide between a 26cm or a 30cm cake tray for my 25cm cake. Working with inches most of the time, my mind did not register that I need a tray at least 3 inches wider than the cake!!! Golden rule, there must be at least ONE inch difference between the cake board and the cake. Taking into account that a decorated cake is at least 2 cm bigger than baked cake (sans decoration!!!). So my side decoration was all smashed up by the time I squeezed the cover over the cake. My centrepiece decoration was way too high for the cover! Arghs!!!!

Secondly, my top coating for the cake was not smooth. What went wrong? I did not take the fat content of my cream (and Chocolate) into factor and the Ganache ended up too oily! It curdled! Yikes. Patissiere's biggest worry is any mixture curdling!!! I managed to salvage the Ganache after whisking hot water slowly into the mixture till it comes together again (don't tell anyone you read this trick here!! :P). And the next mistake I made was sticking this watered-Ganache mixture into the freezer! My cake was frozen. And the ice crystals on top wouldn't go away the next day. The cake defrosted after one hour. But the coating ended up looking patchy! *boo hoo hoo*

So there you have it. I hope someone is inspired by my horrible mistakes! Another cake till perfection!


BK said...

Just make sure you don't make the same mistake next time. You'll get better. :)

DineometerDeb said...

Looks good to me. All your cakes look really good, especially the one with the fruit on the top. Glad you are back in the kitchen.