Celiac Disease and Gluten-free diet

My apologies for giving out the wrong information concerning Gluten-free diets. Thanks to one of my readers (left a comment) who pointed out that people who have the digestive disorder known as Celiac Disease must abstain from Gluten which is also found in RYE, BARLEY and TRITICALE.

My complete lack of knowledge on this topic left me to conclude that Gluten is only found in Wheat Flour. I'm really sorry for my foolish post.

I've found a link about this Celiac Disease and hope to inform my readers about it.

Incidentally, I discovered that most of my asian recipes for cakes and desserts do not contain Wheat Flour but we used Rice or Tapioca Flour to replace it. Let me dig out more of those and post them here.

Stay Healthy!

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