E-numbers? Should I love them or hate them?

It's official, Ur Resident Chef is madly in love Molecular Gastronomy (MG). It is Nouvelle Cuisine taken to the next step. For the past few days, equipped with only my GCSE 'O' Level standard of Chemistry, I was devouring pages after pages of MG blogs and recipes. I know this idea is not new to the culinary world but the concept has triggered off the thought machine in my brain! New ideas begun welling up. I spent days and nights working out those recipes in my head.

Of course, with all these new and sophisticated Food Science, those E-numbers began to creep in. Stabilizers, Gelling Agents and Emulsifiers that I've been trying so hard to keep off my food have proved to be the new masters of rein in the MG field.

And this sparked an ethical debate in my head, should I ignore the entire E-list altogether or embraced those that are not that evil at all? According to a couple of MG scientists, Food is all about Chemistry. All those E-numbers that they adopt in MG are derived from nature. So there is no need to fear them.

Oh my I lost. Love them or hate them?

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