Functional Food: How much do you know?

I've read countless articles about Functional Food but it struck me today that I didn't actually know how or why a particular group of food are categorised as "Functional". So the curious cat in me did a search on wikipedia (which never fail to disappoint) and it gave me the whole history and the concept of Functional Food.

According to Wikipedia, Functional Food is food that has been claimed to possess health-promoting or disease-preventing qualities besides the basic function of providing nutrients.

So which foods immediately come to your mind? Yes, Superfruits and yoghurts with live cultures. Cereals and wholegrain foods have been given much needed attention too. Of course, I see this particular category of food appealing to the increasingly health conscious consumers out there. Most of them jump at any food the moment they see any reports about the health benefits of a particular Functional Food.

However, if you fall under the Health-Conscious consumer category, do take note that not all the claims have been approved by the authorities. There are just too many of them for the authorities to get their hands around. So if you are not sure about the latest claim, do some research online and check if the claim has been regulated by the FDA (or the regulatory body for Food in your country) before heading out to stock up your supplies of Superfruits. Do remember that overconsumption of any particular food is usually not beneficial to health.

Take care my dear readers. Stay informed and healthy always!

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